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  1. Ok so here goes, I am not sure what benefits there are of using frozen baits over shelf life So my other question is how do you prepare frozen baits properly I want to use mainline cell but not sure how to use it properly in terms of preparing them in large volumes I have also found a shelf life from Catcher Baits BS1 which they have stayed well oiled since I've had them a couple of months I've found with the with the air drying that this seems to take away the nutrients or the moisture out of them Any advice
  2. Right I've tried air drying, took them to the lake and couldn't grind them or anything obviously because they were so hard This tells me that you need to rehydrate if you want to use in a mix for spodding etc
  3. So do you rehydrate in water for 24 hours and add the krill stuff to it, salt,uncle extract I have heard is good to use along with hemp oil With the goo / additive pin the water which changes the colour and the flavour the fact that your adding it to water would that actually work with PVA due to the water? Do you put all your hook bait completely immersed in water, or just enough to cover them all
  4. Hi This probably sounds a bit of a simple question but do you need to rehydrate your boilies after you have air dried them What is the best things to use and once you do that and put them back in your bucket on long sessions do you run the risk of them going off?
  5. I have just bought my first 2.5kg of mainline cell freezer baits (they were not frozen when they reached me just to add lol) I left them in a bucket and they started to turn white, so I have now put them into an air dry bag and hung them up They have all started to turn white, is this the salt coming out? Can anyone explain the correct way / process for using frozen boilies? Cheers
  6. I recommend Franks Leads Cheap a good website easy to use and quick delivery all types of leads coated un coated
  7. Hey I'm looking at buying some bivvy slippers has anyone got any recommendations? Just looking for something comfortable and easy to get on and off
  8. Pretty much everything is mainline, it's what they stock there as well Most of its cell but there are people using the new grange as well
  9. Sorry beza Can you recommend the bait you use from premier? Is it the fish meal product?
  10. Hey guys So my question is what do you guys recommend? Premier / Catcher / or Mainline I'm currently leaning towards the cell from mainline Has anyone had good experiences with either of the above? Thanks
  11. So your recommending stay away from mainline See from what I've seen there are a lot of catches off the cell and he grange It is the bait that's used there all the time so it's what the fish are used to and also what is sold there as well I really don't want to chop and change over the course of the week
  12. Thanks I was thinking about that as that is the approach I use here a lot of the time
  13. Thank you all good advice
  14. I don't think the marker rod is a waist of time at all really, as you can still find out what your fishing over, so you can select your rig colour etc. find out what the depth is all over select where you want to fish and clip up, set your rods all to the same spot. It helps with accuracy What advice I was after is like whether, it's good to fish where it turns from gravel to silt or areas like that
  15. So now I am fairly proficient, (even if I can't spell it) at using my marker rod to find and identify features in front of my swim The thing that I don't understand is now that I know what the lake bottom and depth is where are the fish likely to be looking for food? In essence what features is it best to target? Help with this would be great Cheers
  16. I'm due to have a weeks session in France, not too sure really what baiting tactics people would recommend on a Boilie only venue
  17. I've read various different articles and been told by professional anglers that it would be a good idea to change the bait every half an hour To be honest I've not really had a chance to try this as the winter months came too early What would people recommend in France?
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