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  1. Fair point! Whats strange is the rods im using now are modern, brand new and have much more give than my last rods which were 20 year old 3lb test curve broom handles and ive caught small carp on those for years without ever experiencing the level of damage im seeing now. Ill try upping the hook size and go back to a a bigger bait than the 10mm pop ups that have been very successful recently and see how i go and make other adjustments if i dont see an improvement. Im also looking to try different pools with less stock and a bigger size as we go through the year so maybe ill see a natural improvement. Thanks for all your comments and i appreciate that no one has talked to me like a child which ive certainly found in other places when you ask for advice to improve yourself!
  2. Sorry for the double post. After just checking the korda dark matter leaders I can see they're a 30lb breaking strain 😲 I used them when getting back into fishing for ease however they're so strong it may be a good place to start in dropping these and fishing naked?
  3. Thanks all, good to get different suggestions. I am aiming for doubles and up and the fish yesterday in particular were not expected to say the least! I do use a float rod too and yesterday caught an 8lb mirror on a size 18 hook on it 🙄 I think I've picked the other species up and more smaller carp when I downsized the pop ups I used in winter so as mentioned I may increase this and get a spool of lighter line set up. There are bigger fish in the waters I fish I just haven't found any yet. Saying they a few weeks back a smallish orfe took my pop up with the set up above and there was no damage at all. Will have a think, thanks. Edit: yes I have a carp care spray etc so all fish are treated and rested before return to ensure they go strongly
  4. Hi all, Had good advice from people on here before and looking for the same again if possible to put my mind at rest! I dont fish waters with big carp that im aware of but im planning on finding them however in the meantime i appear to be ending up with nearly every fish i land having a very blooming mouth from my hook and i dont know why this is happening - its really putting me off as i hate damaging and potentially hurting anything i catch! In the last day for example i have hooked a small 5lb ish carp with a bleeding mouth and today at a new pool a couple of pound goldfish (!) and a decent size crucian both on my carp rod with pop up fake corn and their mouths were bad, the goldfish especially. As the goldfish was bad i hardly played the crucian when i realised it wasnt a big carp as i thought id may be been to harsh but the damage was there again. I thought maybe im set up way to strong for what im catching but i dont rag the fish in at all - does anybody have any ideas why i may be experiencing this so much of late? Could it be something like a blunted hook? My set up never really changes so may seem over the top but covers most the pools i fish - i have 9ft 2.75ln test curve rods, 15lb mainline and im using korda dark matter heli leader with a 2oz lead and a coated hooklink which is 15lb and a size 10 barbless hook hair rigged. If anything jumps out please let me know, the fish have all been hooked in the bottom lip but i guess it could be the hooklink cutting into them? Any thoughts appreciated as whilst the fish im currently catching arent massive id like to keep them healthy! (all swam away strongly). Thanks
  5. Excellent - cheers guys. I should hopefully start learning more as i get back in to it 👍
  6. Hi, read the forum off and on for a while but wanted to ask a quick question after getting back out fishing recently. Im pretty useless with knots and rigs etc and tend to use pre tied/pre made systems so ive been using an ESP helirig and hook length clipped on - when i cast i wait for the line to settle and start to tighten up but every time i get resistance on the line as if the lead is stuck on something for 2 seconds or so and then moving the rod it releases and i can settle the rod down with the line tight. Its always made me question what that initial resistance is - if its normal or something im using/doing causing a problem - any ideas what this random explanation is talking about?! I feel like i could lose bait with that initial pull and maybe i should just leave it after it hits the water. Hope it makes sense!
  7. Awesome - thanks for all the replies guys and those links look spot on! Hopefully ill get back in to the swing this summer and see how i go The lure of catching a 20 will probably catch up with me
  8. Hi, thanks for the response. Luckily the local town park are holding beginner or "improver" classes for free this summer with a local angling club so i may have a go at that to help me. My pleasure is setting a rod out with a ledger and luncheon meat on and then a basic float rod with sweetcorn on and changing position every minute if i dont get a bite In terms of tactics i mean all of the stuff i see when i watch fishing programmes where people fish notoriously difficult venues and have really complex rigs and maybe wait a few hours for a bite but go for the big uns. I respect that and appreciate the skill involved but im more than happy catching 10 crucian carp in a day along with roach, perch, bream, carp - anything really and any size! Thats my pleasure, lots of bites and simple set ups. I may never catch a 20lb + carp but my biggest put up a fight i still enjoyed! Every time ive been to the Boldings fishery ive enjoyed it so will likely stick with it if i can start back up again this year. Maybe if i can go more regularly ill build up my knowledge and try new things
  9. Hi all, I thought id register on here as i saw quite a few threads relating to Telford from a few years back so thought i could get some good advice here. Im 28 and havent been fishing for a number of years now. Im not very knowledgeable on fishing in terms of tactics, knots etc etc as when i was a kid my dad would do everything and i was never really interested in learning myself (tbh i couldnt even spool a reel ) HOWEVER!! I can catch fish with my basic knots! When younger i used to fish in Telford mostly at Hinkshay which was always quite good and occasionally tried Randlay, Withy and Blue pools but without much success. A bad experience with a local idiot in Little Dawley then put me off and ever since i was going to Boldings in Bridgnorth and thoroughly enjoyed myself as it was always bite after bite after bite and i caught my biggest carp there too. I also love that its out of the way and peaceful So as im a pleasure angler and have no interest in tactics etc to catch fish and therefore could be waiting hours for a single bite would locals recommend i continue at Boldings? Are there any other pools in Telford itself that are easier to fish for people who just want to catch any type of fish? Secondly (and i may get mocked for this!) but although ive been fishing for 20 odd years now i would like to know more about knots and rigs etc so that i have other options if required but where can someone learn about this? Is it all reading up or trying yourself or could there even be classes?! Hopefully this is in the right place and thanks in advance for any advice Ill be planning to start back up in in spring next year
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