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  1. ^thanks all, looks like im in for a bit of practice!!
  2. Hi, I only just bought a korda eazi stick for my 20mm baits for long range baiting. But...I can't get my head around how to use it. Every time I try the bait simply shatters on the ground infront of me. How do I use it and are there any pointers to get bait further with it? Thankyou
  3. hinders have only just begun stocking this bait range. Before that I had hardly heard of them. But the range its self is massive. Does anybody have any experience with this bait range and...how on earth have I never seen it before when it seems to be a really popular. I mean, for imagination they came up with liquorish flavour boilies, and that seems mad but it works. thankyou
  4. Go on nathan get a bait boat you know you want to it's CHEATING!!But that for another thread!
  5. you lot REALLY like boilies, but that's a bit hypicrytical, because I would choose boilies , hinders of course!
  6. big question, which is your preference, if you had to use ONE OF THEM for the rest of your days, which one would you choose? thankyou
  7. It is a question often asked nower days in carp fishing: how best to deliver bait. Personally I hate spods because I think that carp must flea like hell the second a spod foams up the water. I use a korda easy stick for boilies (20mm) and a big catapult for particles. If I MUST use a spod because its a long way off then I use a spomb. But what in your opinion is the best way of getting bait out there, thinking about disturbance, accurancy and range (if nessesary), one for boilies and one for particles thankyou
  8. I use the little fox rage ultron, its really for pike spinning, but does a fab job for stalking.
  9. for Christmas I got a set of okuma distance surf big pit reels. The first thing that struck me was that they are a sea fishing reel. But I must say, the white and silver colours actually look nice on the bank. The spool is massive and casts really nicely. they will (supposedly) last longer because they are salt water resistant and dont corrode. At the moment I can't tell. But has anybody heard of using beach reels for carp? thankyou
  10. just use car keys to set of their receiver in the night, or just use good old fationed line to set the alarms off. You could take the pegs out of their bivvy, or tie their boot laces together whilst they sleep, thensound their alarm.
  11. Why is it that every season I fall in at least once? And see two more people fall in too. And almost always on the cast! Why is it that once per year I make a fool of myself by hooking a big stick and thinking it was a PB carp, getting the net set up and all to see a massive rotten log covered in black mud surface! And why is it that every year I hook a chair or bivvy on the cast, then end up falling flat on my face! what other angling accidents do you encounter?
  12. Good evening Of all the baits pinched from the kitchen to end up in your tackle bag: which is your favourite? thankyou
  13. I normally use chick peas in the spodmix, would carp like mushy peas too? thankyou
  14. yes, but it don't sink as well as subline, however casts batter. Fair swap?
  15. Doesn't everybody wonder, why in the last 30 years the life span of british carp has declined by over 30% Common carp are supposedly capable of living 40 years, but the average of a fish which reached adulthood in 1980 (carp from fisheries) was about 22 years. Almost all those which died under the age of 16 years died from disease or injury (fisheries tagged fish and tested life span/cause of death). Most of those which lived over 18 years died from old age (nackered organs/weak immune system). In more recent times, since carp angling went industrial and expanded rapidly, the death rate has gone down rapidly until now, where it lies at just over 14 years! Many carp may live longer, but something must have caused it. Remember that carp now, are massively obese with loads of unnatural oils and salt levels, not to mention saturates and the liver constantly dealing with poisons in bait. Another thing which is VERY bad is alcohol in bait. Carp are filter feeders and their liver is used to dealing with minor acids and other natural poisons which occur in silt. The effects of alcohol on the liver of a carp is catastrophic. Have you any other factors leading to the early deaths of UK carp? thankyou
  16. Just got a spool of this, and I am amazed at the diameter of it. I used to use korda subline (also a great line) and found this one to be much slimmer even though it was of higher b/s. Would advise it to anybody. The only issue is that it doesn't sink as well as most mono lines, also it is less abrasion resistant due to the thin diameter.
  17. cheers, Ill have a look thanks for the help
  18. I have been advised by a fishing mate that pigeon conditioner is worth a try mixed in with my carp krunch, nutz sludge and hemp (hinders). What is pigeon conditioner like as a bait for the spod? thankyou
  19. thanks, I got a spod rod and fox exocet spod, but it doesn't half splash on the land, even when feathered down! I think it must be scaring the hell out of any fish under it. On the other hand, I have had fish actualy taking the mix from directly under the spod as it lands and even hitting the bottom of the spod!
  20. it probably differs between lakes, on my lake, I think the carp were avoiding the "odd one out" and were accidently sucking it in, so I was getting weak hook holds.
  21. recently I have noticed that different fisheries seem to fish differently from each other during different seasons. Most people pass this off as weather, but when it repeats itself year after year you do begin to wonder why! My initial theory was that fisheries had different environments: depth, food content .ect But as I looked into it more I realised that it couldn't be true, two lakes called tockenham reservoir and Peatmoor lagoon which are spate lakes, but are almost the same. They are the same size, have the same silt content, similar fish stocks and the same depth. But during the winter Peatmoor pretty much switches off and near to no carp come out. No matter how hard I try, I never seem to catch. Tockenham, however, actually improves during the winter, and the bigger fish get banked. So why is that? I was totally baffled by this for several weeks, I studied both lakes for differences, reasons for this strange behaviour. Then I noticed it, and felt a total fool for not having noticed it before. Peatmoor has very few carp anglers on it's banks so the fish are under little or no angling pressure. Tockenham on the other hand, is crammed and full of anglers who put bait into the water with spods, who use marker floats and bait boats. Although this certainly gave me a heads up, I soon saw that I was no further ahead than before, I still had no idea why this had an impact on the winter fishing. I thought about it for a while and came up with a conclusion, the fish at tockenham were constantly under pressure from anglers, so there was plenty of bait going in and also, the fish were constantly on the move to flea from marker floats, spods and leads. This meant that during the winter they remained active and this means that they keep feeding to maintain energy, so the angling pressure actually helps tockenham fish well in the winter. Peatmoor on the other hand, was never under pressure so the fish ran out of bait, and when the cold hit, they lay dormant on the bottom until the heat came back. This is only one instance, many other lakes fish differently in different seasons, and have equal angling pressure, I have no real theory for this, and I guess it will be some time before biologists find out why.
  22. angling pressure, when the fish are constantly running from spods and marker floats they remain active and need to feed more. Also the angling pressure means more bait going in so during the winter the fish will have plenty of energy to keep moving. Remember carp only ever hibernate because naturally in the winter there is an abundance of food.
  23. "do carp always mean to hit the bait?" This meaning, was it just eating the free offerings when it accidently sucked in the hookbait? I took a whole season to work out the theory around it. I did this by using a mixture of loose feed keeping my hookbait at a hinders supreme cream 15mm bottom bait topped by a single hinders betalin pop up (10mm). I then took two sessions at tockenham reservoir where I have had plenty of past experience and know the fishery well. On the first session I used my usual approach at tockenham, I cast both rods about 100 yards on trusty helicopter rigs out to a redline on the far bank, I scattered some spods of hemp, corn, ground dog biscuit and bread mash around the area (separately!) That day I hooked a carp which felt good, but when it made a dash for the reeds and I applied pressure it fell off the hook. I knew that the hookhold must have been insufficient. All through that day I received bleeps and knocks. Later on that same day I landed a small 8lb common. I now knew why the earlier carp had come off, the hook had hardly done anything, just nicked the fish right in the side of its mouth. This got me thinking, surely the fish wasn't trying to eat that bait, I thought. That meant that it must have been merely feeding on the free offerings of pellets and spodmix when it accidently sucked in my hookbait, which it was probably trying to avoid because it was "the odd one out" and it probably treated it with suspicion. That would explain the loose hookhold. That got me thinking, perhaps if I gained the fish's confidence in the hookbait by not making it "the odd one out" and perhaps the hookholds would be stronger by carp deliberately taking the bait. On my next session I came armed with a range of new tactics to attempt to prove my newfound theory right: that the carp accidently take hookbait causing weak hookholds, and this can be avoided by gaining their confidence in the hookbait. I stayed in the same swim and cast my rods with the same rigs to the same spot with the same hookbait, I then scattered my various spodmixes of hemp, corn, ground dog biscuit and bread mash. But this time I added plenty of supreme cream ready-mades (whole and half baits) to the bread mash. The result of that day was more amazing than I had dared hope! The first fish came after only one hour, a beautiful 11lb common, the hookhold was strongly through the bottom lip, this fish had definitely meant to eat my bait! Throughout that session I landed four commons between 8lb and 12lb including my 11lb all hooked very strongly so they had intentionaly taken the bait. oppinions appreciated, thankyou
  24. thanks lads, I think I will fight my way through the foliage for the sake of a few more carp. It will probably be worth the while because otherwise I would probably have had to use a large spod. Thanks again!
  25. I tried that, but the problem is that there arnt ay actual swims along that reed line, so I have to cram myself through the dence hedges and trees to get there, carrying a bucket of mix it is really difficult. If it were a simple matter of throwing it in then I certainly would.
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