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  1. hi all,has anybody fished st leonards in france any info would be great,thanks
  2. hi,has anyone fished tillington court farm in hereford recently,any info would be great,cheers
  3. hi all,just a quick message about my trip to genesis lake,one word AWESOME,i had 30 fish in a week totaling 641 lb of carp the biggest being 34 lb,i also had 18 fish over 20 lb and 12 fish over 24lb.my pb was 24 lb before i left for france,i would just like to mention eddy & val who were superb hosts and val is an excellent cook,eddy is very forthcoming with advice about how to fish the lake so dont be shy asking him for info,now i know alot of carp anglers are mad about taking their own boillies,cell boillies are very popular but in my opinion and its only my opinion you will not go wrong with eddys fresh crab +maple and tiger nut & scopex 20 mm boillies and at £7.50 a kilo they are value for money.plus they work,i will be going back next year and cant wait.
  4. hi halfmanhalfcarp,im going to genesis on the 31st of august for a week i will give you as much info as i can when i get back. PS if you dont hear from me ive blanked and gone into hiding LOL
  5. good morning all,can anyone help me with info on lamby lake in cardiff
  6. thanks for the info everyone
  7. hi,can somebody tell me what fish are in genesis lake,is it just carp & tench,many thanks realgap
  8. hi,im new to carp forum so im not sure if im doing this right but here goes.i am going to fish genesis lake in france in september and was wondering if anyone has any info on the lake as in bait, tactics, and what swim to choose any info would be great thanks
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