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  1. thanks for the advic and yh i was going to use one piece of fake corn and the only reason i asked the question was because i wasent sure because i have never fished with corn but i will wait till later to see what other people think but thanks again
  2. ok thanks mate well appricated i normally use the standerd hair rig with a few sinkers so i will stck with that thanks again
  3. hi there i was wondering if any one noes the best hair rig to use when u are usimg corn many thanks
  4. hi there i am fishing genesis in october and iwas just wondering if any one nows what the bottom of the lake is like e.g weed, silt or gravel many thanks
  5. sorry i was ment to say baits are good lol
  6. hi there i am going to fish genesis in october and i was wondering if any one nows what bits are good to use and if they have and tips what could be usefull thank ever so much
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