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  1. Pic of the Comman which went just under 12lb, yes I didm weigh it, a bit sad really as its been a long while scince I had a double figure carp all be it a small one compared to most.
  2. Well just as I had packed up everything but the rods in had a bream like take which turned out to be a comman just under 12lb......will post a pic later once I figure out how to. Nice to meet everybody and had a good laugh.
  3. Glad to hear you're making an appearance mate. It would be rude not too .... And now I've got the the nod I can't think of a better place/thing to be doing than attending a carp.com social ...... I'm less than 2 hrs away so I'm not a million miles away and I look forward to having a beer or two with older members and a few social virgins ....., your gunna love it lads even tho it is gunna snow on Saturday night ...., Haha, looking forward to popping my social cherry. Will be good to actually meet the people I've being talking to for the last 21 months! Abit of snow won't hurt anyone! Bought a cover for my sleeping bag last week so I should be plenty warm enough! I have brought a new bag and taking the old one just incase
  4. Is there a camping/caravanning shop near you? Gas cylinders/cartridges are always cheaper in those places than in angling outlets. Ian No mate but Ericss are doing 5 cans for £20
  5. Ross, if you're drawn anywhere in the first 8 or 9 swims from the clubhouse end you're going to have to think "compact", mate. Space is limited. A small pram style is about as big as you're likely to get on there. The further you go from that end, the more available is the space. Wellies? Yes, but let's all hope that things improve. I shall be taking my Transit HiCube Tin Bivvy, there's room for 4 bedchairs at a push. Taking bookings now. Absolutely NO farting permitted. Well, not excessive........ Ian Can I have a double en suite?
  6. Cheers chaps for the response. Going to place an order and add some gas Just wanted to double check
  7. The self sealing type screw on screw off
  8. The screw in ones if that helps Cheers for the reply
  9. Hi all As I'm off to the winter social looking at the price of gas canisters, the best I can find is 20 quid for 5 think they are 495 grams size and if I spend 100 will get free p and p and as it's a tackle shop the gas will be an add on. The question is it it a good price??
  10. what did you catch nige I was going to say the T word but as Nige has caught more than I can dream of best not
  11. Can't do the Thursday as got the school run to do on the Friday. So won't get there until 11am ish on the Friday
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