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  1. Kent particles mate, i have got bait from them good quality
  2. Fruitella, smells good enough to eat!
  3. Had my PB On halibut mate, 20mm pre drilled. Bait tech ones, the best ones in my opinion. If i was you id definitely give it a go mate
  4. Thanks guys, sorry posting in wrong forum
  5. OK, im off fishing tomorrow and i have bought a tin of chick peas, should i dry them out over night or just use them out of the tin?
  6. HH has a point, how does the dongle fall apart if it isnt been touched, secondly, the reciever on them can take a rite beating! Somebody i fish with has them and i have seen him run for his rods and the reciever drops out of his pocket and bounce along the bank! You must have well and truly abused it.
  7. Get with the times, 3D camera's are the thing now Ha ha, i should be a photo shooting person stuff applying for an apprenticship.
  8. Errmm if a moderator is on could you make my pictures smaller. Be very gratefull
  9. Ok, so my pics are rubbish but ill get some better ones when im on the bank Sorry about the blurriness was on my phone [edited to remove censored, DON'T do it again]
  10. Just going to set my tackle up in the garden so i can post a pic
  11. Cheers mate, so all in all trigga ice is just the pimped out version of trigga
  12. i know that Trigga is a 'summer' bait abd Trigger ice is a 'Winter' bait. But what is the difference? they are both the same bollie and smell the same?
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