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  1. i had the same problem, just got back from 2 nights at oaklands. I had 2 bites. I tried zigs and different rigs, presentation. Even the owner (i think he is) was surprised i didn't catch! But TBH they seemed to be spawning
  2. Rod is only as good as the person using it sorry forgot to add, nice looking fish
  3. You could do with a bigger net mate.
  4. Kent particles mate, i have got bait from them good quality
  5. Who is korda kid? :s
  6. sonik sk4's or Shimano tribal xt-b's? i can't decide which ones i want, any reviews on them? ATB, Dale.
  7. Fruitella, smells good enough to eat!
  8. Is it just me but has the ghost i caught got some koi in it? (this maybe a stupid question!)
  9. Korda have just brought out the stow bobbings, a mate of mine is thinking of getting them. Reading this, should he stay away? are they just over priced? Also has anyone noticed the korda crusha is now £15.00 because they have put a bit of green rubber on it!?!
  10. It will be silt mate hope this helps
  11. Thanks people It had black spots on the top of her back and a few scales running down her spine, i think its a ghost but i may be wrong
  12. Had my PB On halibut mate, 20mm pre drilled. Bait tech ones, the best ones in my opinion. If i was you id definitely give it a go mate
  13. Ghost carp, caught on bait tech halibut pellet fished over a bed of crushed halibut. (First time i have used spod and marker, it paid off) Also had a 13lb 10 oz mirror and a 4lb 5oz cat fish (my first cat fish:D)
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