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  1. Hi I own a 360 cm 3 piece float fishing rod from Europe. Do I need a float fishing reel for this and where to buy this online in the USA? I have countless spinning reels, can I use one of these? (I want to learn float fishing correctly) Thanks a lot Patrick
  2. Thanks guys for the answers. I am going to buy several different weight because I have never used one. Pat
  3. Hi I shop a lot on dabay (Real name changed). There are tons of method feeders. Some come from China. Shall I be aware of anything when buying one? I don't want the caged one, I want the one you pack the bait in it and sometimes your hair rig in it. Thxs Pat
  4. That's exactly the answers I was looking for. I never kill anything and never use anything live to fish unlike other European fishermen (Maggots, worms or minnows). So no keepnet for me. Thxs again and regards Pat
  5. Hi I am French and have lived in the USA for 30 years. I am learning to fish for carp and whatever wants to bite here. I didn't post in the coarse fishing forum as I think it is mostly for European fishing. I chose this forum as it is focused on the USA. Here is my question: -If I fish for carp, catfish, drum or whatever bottom fish which is somewhat large (Not a huge carp or catfish of course, but somewhat much larger than a sunfish), is it pratical to keep them in a keepnet until the end of a session for a grouped picture? I am afraid those larger fish would hurt each others in a keepnet and also would tear it. I used to have a keepnet in Europe but the fish were much smaller. Thxs Pat in Georgia
  6. Hi Today I was kayaking in a local river here in Georgia and entered some sort of shallow muddy pond connected to the river just to check things out. I saw 7 carps in there, mostly darting when my kayak was getting too close. No crazy spawn trashing going on. I saw two swimming really on the top, fins and back sticking out of the water. That water is so shallow in that pond that I got beached a few times with my kayak. Can these carps be fished for in those real shallow waters, it's like 2 feet deep max? I spotted some shore spots to fish them from. Thanks a lot Patrick
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