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  1. Hi can any one please point me in the right direction to a good web site that sell's coconut base mix i have been to one web site and seen some reveiws off there product and its meant to be rubbish. So can any one let me know if you know off any good website thanks
  2. Well done mate thats a cracker off a cat fish.
  3. I use the fox backleads that are on sting so when you have a run and strike they come off the line i find it works for me.
  4. If i am only doing days i would just use pva bags but any thing over 12 hours i will spod.
  5. craiggater


    Sorry about your kit mate. Take a look on swapz.co.uk just put carp kit in the search and i am sure u will find loads off kit hope this helps
  6. Congrats mate very nice looking car
  7. Good set off blogs again lads. Kept me busy for the morning while i am on leave already
  8. i have a fox stalker very good for what i need cant go wrong with it
  9. o and they think its ok to chuck things at the police and stuff like that but when the police come back at them they start crying and saying its worng the police act that way. in other countrys the protester would get far worse back at them and its the way it should be instead off the black-clad getting away with it.
  10. what and smashing the place up will get there attenshion i dont think so!! what about not smashing the place up and being adults might work. its just a excus for some people to go for a riot not to protest.
  11. at the end off the day people have to make a lifing so they are going to big there own stuff up would'nt u if u was in there shoes??? i no i would.
  12. i think its all wrong. them going around smashing stuff up like shops ect and who has to pay for it the tax payer no the gits who get a ride at uni thats my veiw tho get us army lads in there i am sure we wont back off like the police do.
  13. lol good vid tho mate i dont think u are the only one blanking latley not many lakes near me have picked up yet
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