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  1. i only ever fish with 2 rods and being that my alrms are fox warriors,they are both red i have noticed though that i always put a blue bobbin on the left rod and a red on the right...don't think my yellow one has ever been out of my bag
  2. first link second link
  3. matt hayes bob nudd watching both on tv and internet,they are both the reason why i got into fishing.Always informative and entertaining.
  4. i have a jrc defender 6 leg...does the job and was a good price
  5. always bu mine at the post office its a lot less hassle and it cant go wrong left with my receipt and the license arrived 2 days later
  6. unless there is something important on ie:world cup,famous wedding/death etc why would you want to take a tv fishing,if ya gonna set your alarms and sit in your bivvy all day/night,i can't see the point of going ..what your doing is camping
  7. blimey nick,that's some organised chaos
  8. i have a packet of purple boilies from nash..red bull flavour limited edition,bought them at a carp show last year,still got a pack unopened. they smell to good to use on fish
  9. bazcarper

    33lb 1oz!

    well done mate,plus you got some cahona's for staying out overnight in the cold
  10. in the 5 years i have been fishing...only been checked once at furnace lakes in slinfold..bloke came upto me through the trees in full stab vest and a extenable truncheon like the police issue,looking more like a reject from robocop. when i first saw him i immediatly thought i could hear banjos playing then relised he was from the EA
  11. pete,i got a fox A pod of fleabay ages ago,with carrybag and bits £25...lightweight,simple to put up and a sturdy number..well chuffed with it. baz.
  12. got myself up nice and early 5.30am new years day. headed 13 miles to a water i know and all 3 lakes had risen by about 4-5 feet..completely flooded,never seen it that bad before. nevermind,i thought,we will give it a go 9 hours later and not a single bleep from the alarms..a complete blank on the plus side...met some lovely ducks,they kept me company as i had the entire complex of 3 lakes to myself they told the geese to do one but i think the geese told the fish the same oh well at least the sun was out
  13. i looked through the pics yesterday...left some comments for the complete numptys....disgusting fish care
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