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  1. im not traveling far mate i will travle up 2 8-10 mile
  2. hiya lads,i have justed cleaned my carping gear and packed it all away.the next carping session i do will be middle/late jan.i am thinking about doing some pike fishing just after new year.i have been pike fishing a few times but i havent been for about 5 month.i have only ever cought one pike about 3lb.whats the river ancholme like for pike fishing??? any one no any good pike fishing lakes in lincolnshire around brigg/grimsby area?? chris
  3. cheers mate.i will be going for a day next week i think
  4. cheers for that lads.never tryed in the middle,always to the far margin cos i got told by the owner it was realy good. chris
  5. that goose is still at the lake and it never leaves me alone when im fishing,its allways beggin for food.
  6. I thought it looked like a pike. so did I
  7. thanks mate,i will try that when i next go cos i have a bag of 16mm hali pellets some wear lol. chris
  8. hiya lads,i have been for a day on the bottom lake at fish pond farm.i had 3 rods out all on korda running rigs,i had double corn on 2 and a boilie on 1,all i put a quater KG of spod mix around each rig.i landed one and lost one. the swim i was fishing-red spots = where i was casting all morning it was ovely and sunny at about 12 it desided to rain[!] i cought this about 2 mins after it had stoped raining chris
  9. hiya lads,i have been to one of my local coarse fishing ponds,watermill farm, i used to carp rods both on the same rigs as i use at fish pond farm,the only thing i did different was i used a groundbait feeder instead of a lead.the only bait that i put out was the breadcrumb and corn in the feeder.i only had one.it was about 6lb,i did not bother takeing a pic as it was in bad condition. ths swim i fished. chris
  10. is the cell boilie any good lads?? i have just won 5kg of them what do they smell ov?? chris
  11. if you could fish every day of the week .would you. personaly i wouldent want to do more than 2-3 days a week.i would not be able to not work at all. chris
  12. hiya lads.i have been for a day session on the bottom lake at fish pond farm today.there was 2 other anglers on the lake,they both blanked.i cought 3 alltogeather,the biggist was about 7lb,all of them were cought on double fake corn over a bed of spod mix. pic of my swim (red spots = where i was casting) pics of the fish i cought chris
  13. ok lads.i have learnt a lot from your reply's.i am going for a day today.wish me luck. chris
  14. here are a few pics of the lakes at fish pond farm borrom lake / 2-3 acre / carp been cought up to 28lb (my fav out the 2) roadside lake / 1-2 acre / carp been cought over 35lb (hard water) stock pond at the right chris (sorry about the pic quality)
  15. hiya lads,i have been for a day session on the bottom lake at fish pond farm today.i was using 2 car rods,2 of them on fake corn and one on fish boilie. i blanked here is a few pics of the swim i fished. chris
  16. i would do a 2 day 1 night session or just both days but as i need loads of bait and tackle next week i need the money so i can only go one day.im going tomorow chris
  17. ghost mirror i think .maby a koi not sure tbh chris
  18. lads im not sure witch day is best for fishing?tomorrow or friday?have a look at the link below and tell me what days weather is best for carp fishing ?? what weather do carp feed best in??? http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/uk/em/killingholme_forecast_weather.html chris
  19. hiya lads i have been on the bottom lake just for a day session today.i had 3 rods out all close to each other on a half a kg bed of boilies.i only had one,it weighed about 6lb's the swim i was fishing.third rod is not in pics chris
  20. 2 pics i took last month and 3 pics i took today while fishing at fish pond farm .there was a goose with a broken wing on the lake that was realy friendly and ate half of my spod mix lol.he was sat 3 mtrs away from me all day and the field that the laks is in the middle of was full of sheep.a very cold and frosty morning. 2 pics i took last month chris
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