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  1. Here you go Chef, good luck
  2. Is this the 1st of April??? and Mikee I thought brokers had brains Hahaha brains - nope thats a myth mate. ok im confussed OK ask yourself a simple question, OK , Would anybody really go out and buy all that? Have a sit down and a think Or Cant you see a wnd up?
  3. Is this the 1st of April??? And Mikee I thought brokers had brains Hahaha
  4. He also uses it set up as a heli rig
  5. Instead of a feeder, could you not use a PVA bag?
  6. Not quite that simple Mikee, As they will take on the natural colours of the bait, please tell me how you would make a Robin Red bait white?
  7. Really? Personally i dont buy your viewpoint at all, but each to his own. I tend to agree with Tony on this one, as the rig will already be in the carps mouth, so how can this contribute to abrasion resulting in hook snap offs?
  8. Very true indeed! One way around this, is to tie up a "Patten or " "Former" rig, heat the shrink the tube under heat, and then with the correct angle place into cold water, then this can be used on a new rig many times
  9. Just a small tip to add, After boiling tip into a cool box with the hot water and then place the lid on the box, this will give you a longer cooking and soaking time
  10. Thank you for the complement, But I am just an average angler too, and I have never used crimps on Mono, and always use a loop to swivel, Ask Tony as I know he uses the 'Chod' regularly, so is more experienced in this area, whereas I am not.
  11. noknot i forgive you!!!!!! I just feel more confident with a light back lead on as you dont tend to get line curls. Just my own personal choice, but like i said i am nothing more than an average angler!!! Here Tony OK now?
  12. Is this pearl of wisdom aimed at me noknot? Not at all the post ^^^^^^ by bissami, And tell me if I am wrong Tony.
  13. Try very light bobbins, they will keep your line strait without lifting the line off the bottom or pullin it tight
  14. bissami sorry, Wrong thread Having said that a running rig fished slack line will be more sensitive without back leads due to the change in angles, and I agree with Josh 100%
  15. Well i wouldnt say really heavily especially for carp anyway as the max at anyone time is 9 ppl on there and they mainly fish for the cattys. Why do you think that i should not use the chody rig being im new? Also anyone got any advice on the weight size? why i was asking is that the lake seems small to hold quality fish like that in and if they are fished for heavily then the choddy is not going to work as it looks unnatural, If it was me and it was my first trip to this lake then i would go with a in-line setup with a pop up, camo everything up, use light bobbins and slack line with back leads. Just the way i would fish it, people might have a different opinion buddy Good luck, Good points, However it has been stated that its a weedy water so what is the advantage of a backlead,as this could cause more problems? A weed rake would be the way to go for me, and bait up the clear area for a few days then fish it.
  16. Jim Davidson and Chris Tarrant are stars that Carp fish
  17. noknot

    Grass Carp Pics

    I have found that they love sweetcorn, pre cooked maize and peanuts as bottom baits.
  18. noknot

    Grass Carp Pics

    Nice grassies! What baits do you use? and welcome to the forum! And I hope you have your Tin Hat ON!!!
  19. Steve, never forget that gut feeling too
  20. So Apart from Mr. Shelly who was a member(hahahaha) who are super stars Chris???
  21. Indeed there are Chris, More than you will know! Just keep your eyes open! Keith is one and Mike and Frank are others and my name is................................K
  22. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm A revolving cycle? Welcome back Del.............
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