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  1. All I can say is 'here here' emmcee..!! I thought thats why we do what we do, to get away from all that and enjoy nature and our surroundings..!! Well, that's my opinion any way...!
  2. Try this:- Willesley Lake, Ashby de la Zouche they do 24hr tickets, nice lake and good head of fish too.
  3. http://fisheries.co.uk/ Hope this helps. When i first started out this link was a great help. Hope it can work for you.
  4. Hi there Useph, I bought the jrc one man contact for this season and even tho work has stopped me getting on the bank i have used the bivvy a couple of times at the start of the year. It cost me 100 sheets and its bang on. Very quick to erect and very spacious for a one man. Its spot on in my opinion. Sisco
  5. All depending on the venue and the style of fishing you will be doing will govern the presentation of your rods. Stalking I would carry my bank sticks, open water I'd be getting the pod out....
  6. Can't expand on what cobleyn has added, but that is a cracking air bag....!! Very professional....
  7. Blue bell Lakes in Peterborough mate. Check there website and they have a great head of carp in all of there Lakes.
  8. Let us know how you get on matt, I fished kingfisher last year and no one on the lake had a take or fish for 4 days plus only a few pegs free so pressure was high. But when walking around the other lakes there where people catching, nothing to talk about but they were catching. I suppose it's all about what you want out of the session. Good luck mate and let us know how you get on.....
  9. Matt, The map and lakes you have marked up are correct (well thats how i remember them). Would reccommend you markering and having a feel about as its a first time visit...!! And its not easy going on this complex, one take would be good for a 48 hour session if i'm honest but there might be people out the who dis-agree....!!
  10. I suppose its where they have been left to dry but yes you will find that you will still, very easily put a needle threw them. I leave mine in the shed to dry for about 3-4 days and there still have a softness once they have gone in the freezer...!!
  11. to be honest mate if your fishing one place and are having great succes with a bait then why not take what you know and see how you get on at the new water. Don't change something you feel confident with. Ok this does not work all of the time but you have to try that first then if no succes then do some research and maybe talk to locals of the water to see if you can get some inside info....!!
  12. I'm saying whats alredy been said..... Yes i buy in bulk (enoough to make baits for most of the season) No they don't differ from venue to venue Same bait used on all venues prefer freezer ( as thats where they go after being dried)
  13. Thanks for the reply guys..... I see just using the word 'caged' really agrevated alot of you but really I'm thinking of poeple who are on a tight budget (and there are poeple out there, for the purpose of boilie making would go cheap) and to really see if there is a difference in the end product to show that using a caged egg is not the way to go. I totally agree with all your comments and I have not used caged eegs myself. I personal use Co-operative free range eggs.
  14. My Friend and I had a mad weekend making boilies as we're off to fish for a week and we've thought we'd take a fair few baits. It dawned on me that to try and get the best results you would always look at getting the best products. So if this is the case then does it make a difference on what type of egg you buy? Do you spend a bit and get some decent free range eggs or do you go cheap and buy caged hen eggs which are alot cheaper. So, does buying a cheaper egg make a difference to the quality of the boilie or is it something I'm reading to much in to....? Your opinions are important....!!
  15. Spices are a good attractor and there is no reason why you can't add it to your ground bait mate, as far as I know carp are very keen on spicey baits, chilly especially
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