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  1. Even the rivers can get busy sometimes.. The wierpool behind me has 8 anglers on it tonight, some were there from Thursday evening to get the swims they wanted for the start of the season. I've been prebaiting a swim for 4 weeks now but no-one's on it the moment so I'm down there tomorrow morning for 3 days :D:D:D

  2. I always thought it would make a great syndicate.... It was a decent day ticket water years ago until they changed bailiffs. I stopped fishing it when the toerag they gave the job to use to walk around the lakes to collect money while leaving his rods out. He also had a side trade in illegal drugs :?:evil:

  3. Unfortunately, I read The Da Vinci Code because of the hype. I couldn't believe how badly written it was. The basic premise was OK but it left me feeling as though i wanted to stick my head in an oven and turn it on...... But then i thought no, I'd like to stick Dan Browns head in an oven and turn it on. :?

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