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  1. Thats fine in moderation but when these boilies make up such a huge part of a carps diet its a huge issue. This catch at all cost attitude is the biggest problem in modern carp fishing. Id ask at what % of a carps diet does a bait become a feed? If there are any bailiffs or fishery owners on here, what do they feed their fish? If they do at all. This is the reason some fisheries don't allow boilies. Pellet is the standard supplementary feed. But most waters will only be supplemented during periods of relative inactivity. there is no need to supplement a lake with 100s kilos of bolies being put into it. Or at least there shouldn't be any need.
  2. Im not sure the recipe of my current bait would be of much interest as its been formulated to explore a specific concept but any good solid HNV base mix recipe will do you fine this is Marks mckennas recipe from Carp world a few years back and is a decent and well thought out mix Sopropeche CPSP 90 75g LT94 300g Whey Protein Concentrate 75g Full Fat Soya Flour 100g CLO 150g Semo 100g Maize Flour 100g Crushed Hemp Powder 50g Kelp Powder 50g Powdered additive (Krill Meal) 30g Spice (Chilli Powder) 5g Salt 15g Liquids (per six eggs) Liquid Attractant (Belachan) 20ml Flavouring (Compound TF) 3ml Oil (Smoked Sardine Concentrate) 2ml
  3. Thats fine in moderation but when these boilies make up such a huge part of a carps diet its a huge issue. This catch at all cost attitude is the biggest problem in modern carp fishing. Id ask at what % of a carps diet does a bait become a feed?
  4. Can you expand on this? What constitutes a "rubbish" boilie? It would be my pleasure lol Firstly any boilies that arrive in a substandard condition as in the ones mentioned in this thread. The fact they are dry but not an air dried bait would certainly elude to the bait not being fresh, as bait ages the ingredients degrade especially where fishmeals are concerned. This would be my biggest concern here. People will bang on about fishmeals being fine for years but they couldn't be more wrong 3months for a standard fishmeal some will have an anti oxident like B-29 added this has shown stability or product at 33weeks but when your cutting costs do you use a more expensive product? Also im very dubious of any bait described as cheap, I will admit that Hinders are a perfectly decent company and I would have no issues using their products. But to create a decent and balanced boilie mix even buying ingredients in bulk which doesn't offer nearly the saving you think would cost around £5 a kilo then factor in electricity advertising costs tax wages accountancy fees etc etc selling a boilie at £6 a kilo just doesn't stack up. There is only one way to make a price like that cost effective and that isn't by thinking about the well being of the carp. I just firmly believe that the most important thing is looking after the fish. You wouldn't feed your pet a diet that you knew was bad for them why should this be any different? A prime example of this is these nut flour based boilies, these flours contain around 6% protein with the highest factors being fat at around 30% and carbohydrate which fish cant digest properly. These baits are pushed on us via marketing because they are cheap to make you can easily put a mix together for £1 -£1.50 yet they are the same price as their other ranges. Go figure. Does the aquatic feed industry use these ingredients? There are some wonderful companies out there making wonderful products but too many are exploiting the situation where ingredients, expiry dates and nutritional information don't have to be listed on the packets. While any company needs to show a profit and people need to earn a living to feed there families to I guess any any bait made soly for profit is ultimately a rubbish boilie
  5. Nothing like the mouth damage you get from a long shank hook MM mm mm my favorite As for matching all the components of our rig please for the love of god stop listening to the marketing guru Danny Fairbrass he doesn't have your fishing interest at heart just the stock price of Korda Lake beds are a vast array of colours so what exactly are you matching the colours to? Because 3 inches to the left or right of your spot can vary hugely. If anything use various couloured components to break up the silhouette
  6. I personally wouldnt use that many different fishmeals in a recipe maybe 3 at most. I dont rate molasses meal in any way shape or form its just a junk bulking ingredient with a horrible nutritional profile. I personally rate the aniseed people need to get over the fact it smells strong as carp cant smell the noxious gases it throws out. Personally Id up the predigest and milk powder slightly to increase the solubility of the bait. But its a reasonable mix and im sure will catch you fish
  7. The Crave is a Terry Hearn bait Frank is working with a new company called Frank Warrick baits which iv'e heard are ok a little heavy on the flavourings but haven't personally used the myself
  8. Why feed carp rubbish boilies? I hate this mentality
  9. Does a pet shop count if so 2.5kg of pigeon conditioner would give you everything you need If not Couple of tins of cheep sweet corn and a small bag of Vitalin should come in on budget
  10. You guys make my life awkward, i was happy using leadcore confident that i did all i could to make it as safe as possible but now im less than convinced. I may just be a convert. I would like to add that leaders for distance work are an absolute must 10lb per an ounce of casting weight dont forget if you are using small pva bags to add the weight of bait. The fox tapered leaders are excellent As for heli's i have used that set up since i first started carp fishing 10yrs ago and have never had any real problems. An intresting point was made though about hooklength material breaking strain.Far to many hooklength material comes in 20-30lb bracket i just had a look through my own box and found 4 different lines all over my mainline breaking strain. Whats the deal with true breaking strains on line i mean if my main line breaks at 15lb yet my hooklength though stated at 15lb may break at 18 or 19lb then balancing the 2 becomes an exercise in futility
  11. You guys are probably right. Pendulum casting 240yards across a field with a tuned mag elite and 13ft Zziplex rod, and a big pit fixed spool with a 3.5lb greys rod isnt the same thing really now is it. Maybe i could wade some of the way out? Will have to find another way to go at this or just forget it. Thanks for your help guys.
  12. You may be right tony. Maybe im just topping out and thats it. I just feel that its doable, the small pva bags keep everything compact and aerodynamic they also stop tangles so im not really sure omitting them would really help. I think you would be reduced to fishing a stiff chod rig and 3oz bomb. Ill go and spend a few hours in a field maybe go visit John Holden see what he thinks.
  13. Sorry i did search but couldnt find much although im positive there will be similar threads all over the place. To put it plainly im about 30yards short of a bar i want to fish. For my distance work i have a pair of 3.5lb Greys Prodigy rods Exorcist big pits fox tapered shock leader 12lb gardner line. I use a traditional leader knot except i bob the leader with a lighter and glue, with 3 turn of leader left on the spool when casting. I come from a match sea fishing background and can cast my sea out fit to around 240-260 yards but im topping out at under 140 with my carp set up. I use small pva bags with pellets and boilies. Im really not keen on buying new rods i had played with the idea of re-ringing with larger rings to reduce line friction, would it be possible to remove some rings and re-space them with out causing flat spots on the rods? 5 would to optimal from a casting point of view but i have no idea what this would do to the action of the rod. I also wondered about using a multiplier rather then a fixed spool real as this would easily give me the distance i need, but the logistics of carp fishing with a multiplier ust boggles my brain a little. Any thoughts would be really great fully received
  14. I have had a look at the lake and wow. Its as stunning as it is big. Aswell as your dingy i think an echo sounder is a must not only to find the fish but to help map the bottom you should also really look into a gps system which will allow you to bait various areas and find them very accurately. Hemp and maize has to be the way forward its cheep enough to allow a lot of pre baiting. I wouls concentrate on areas of depth cahnge bars and shelves where warmer shallower areas hit colder deeper areas. Im very envious very very envious. was there an initial stocking? If so you should be able to find out as it was made in 85. Best of luck mate keep us all posted
  15. My tactics change depending on the type of water im fishing but first i tend to google earth any venues i am visiting as you can gain a lot of information and see a lot of features in the lakes especially the clear gravel pits i fish locally. When i arrive i take a stroll and try and find the fish making sure i talk to anyone fishing who appears friendly. Find out whats been happening before you arrived. I really feel trying to find the fish is the key to successful short sessions. I rarely fill in with much bait on a short session preferring PVA bags pellet boilie. One place i fish Cromwell everyone and his dog will put half a ton of bait in the water and fish 3 rods on top, now when i cant find the fish i look for slicks in empty swims and fish bags over the top of bait left after sessions. I would advise get as much info as you can and be flexible in you approach.
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