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  1. Nothing wrong with a bit of luck we all need that
  2. In that situation for me I would either go home or try another part of the lake and try and pick up the odd fish that hasn’t followed the masses as I don’t believe all fish follow the same pattern
  3. No I just meant I gave rig’s more thought over the years than I needed to when what I had worked fine
  4. Yeah I’ve got them I find them excellent for the money but on the heavy side
  5. No Okuma now do the Inception in8000 size have a look on their website mate
  6. Worked the John Wilson many times
  7. Just wondering if anyone has used these as wanting to know if the spool trip is longer than the 6000 which is 30mm or if it’s just a deeper spool or still 30mm trip but larger rotor? Love the 6000 for my 10ft rods so looking maybe the larger model for my 12s
  8. Yeah couldn’t agree more I used to waste loads of time on latest rigs n didn’t catch me any more than my simple rig I’ve used for 30 year. I’ll be sticking to that and concentrating more on location from now on. One thing I have had great success on in low lying weed lately is the KOrda method feeders as I feel you can present decent in low weed as I suppose it’s just like a bag presentation
  9. Maybe try having a curry
  10. My all time most successful boilie flavour was Hutchys Crayfish in Richworths 50/50 was deadly
  11. Thanks for that I may have a look at the soft version.
  12. Not tried it much with aligners but will try it more this year for my bottom baits
  13. Thanks for that and if you know where I can get the 12s I’d appreciate it
  14. Yeah there’s always that but a small pva stick and hitting the clip does help. Most of the places I fish are shortish casts of up to 60 yards so that helps too. But defo agree with use what your confident in to the best 👍
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