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    Thelad reacted to elmoputney in Merry Christmas everyone   
    Merry Christmas to all on carp. Com 
    May you all be blessed with new pants and socks and joy, 🎄🎉🎊
    Tight lines for the new year 🙏
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    Thelad reacted to elmoputney in Back to pastures old   
    Ive learnt a lot on here from various people along the way, these guys have all really helped me also ginger1991 also really changed my tbinking with regard to using pva now other than at night I am generally rechucking them every couple of hours and a lot of my bites have been within minutes of doing this, generally this works well for me as I know if my rig is tangled its only a couple of hours of down time not a whole session, also leaning to make sure everything is spot on for bite time, I will bait up at night if I need to and recast at first light to make sure I have fresh traps out there, I work harder these days and try and make things happen, rather than sitting and hoping it will happen, 
    All I will say is ask questions on here it's been brilliant for me I've learnt lots and I can't thank everyone enough for that 👍👏👏👏
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    Thelad got a reaction from elmoputney in White bait liquids... need help   
    I think we’ve all made a mistake before mate😂
    In response to your question, there is a few white goos I can use (after your last message it feels so bad to say it😂) but none of them are fish flavoured, they all are sweet, which would defeat the purpose of the krill wafter. 
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    Thelad reacted to elmoputney in White bait liquids... need help   
    I just googled white goo was surprised by the results 

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    Thelad got a reaction from yonny in How many boilies?   
    Cheers I’ll try that out, I’m a big fan of pva bags so the pellets will be useful for this as well!
    Thanks for this, great tip which I’ll definitely be using for my fishing. 
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    Thelad got a reaction from elmoputney in Stiff vs Semi-Stiff hooklink   
    Thanks for the reply 
    So a soft braid inside the bag but what about the solid bag? While I will use them for most of my fishing, there will be times that they won’t be effective. 
    I’m definitely confused over the difference between semi-stiff and stiff hooklinks in general, although your answer has helped me understand a lot. 
    I would use an inline lead, but again I’m new to this and don’t know how to make it semi fixed😂
    I’m simply using a knotless knot, size 8 wide gape, mono hooklink and a swivel on the end. Nothing fancy whatsoever but am looking at some different rigs to learn how to tie.
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