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  1. Cavagnac lake, I have not fished this lake but had a look at it a couple of months ago - very impressed! They have a Facebook page Fly to Toulouse, get picked up and then all inclusive. Looked a good deal, but i have done nothing to compare it with.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Montlu├žon is an almost 4 hour drive north for me, interesting maybe? Yes, the B word might be considered "swearing" on some forums! Not trying to dwell on the politics, just gets me depressed! I first read of the Lot fishing in the '70's I think. Somehow seem to have found my way here almost by accident! Anyway, it's a good place to be and glad to be into some fishing which is new to me. Just what I needed!
  3. My local water, the river Lot (next big river south of the Dordogne), has some decent barbel fishing. There is also the river Cele which is much smaller, not fished it yet but have been told it is a good barbel river. Apparently there are two types of barbel in these rivers, seems I have only caught the smaller variety so far! Between July - September it is the holiday season. Many of the shallow barbel areas will have bathers on them well into the evening. The Cele has a lot of canoes during the holiday season!!! Early mornings or a couple of hours into darkness (if night fishing allowed!) is your best bet.
  4. Carpepecheur, I shall follow your threads with interest! My wife and I moved to France two years ago and are near the river Lot. We have had some good fish but only a couple of tiny carp, still have a lot to learn!
  5. Just found carp.com and looks a good site, hope to pick up some tips. I had a few years coarse fishing as a youngster but then I got into sea angling. Now moved to inland France near Cahors and have the wonderful river Lot a 10 minute drive from my home. This last year has been a great refresher course in river fishing, I could never have imagined a more wonderful river! Only had two "petite carpe" of a couple of pounds so far. Plenty of other fish with barbel, chub and bream to good sizes. Bream to 3 kg, chub and barbel to 2.5 kg. Swimfeeder and boilies seem to work well, but crevettes and worms can catch as well. Anyone else on this forum living in my area?
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