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  1. It's just something I've always done, and the pack of 6 from A.D has nearly lasted me a year.
  2. The recliner I've done 2 nights sleep on, the standard just take in case I need a seat.
  3. My Sktek Recliner is still living the dream.....the standard chair, I've also noticed some slipping in the swivel feet.
  4. Been looking at those recently (sktek)....using a cheap old 1 (£5) from go outdoors.
  5. I've been viewing also, he's doing well the lad is, not open until 2024 (I think)...
  6. I was offered a Swap for a Tempest 100T and Social Extension (BRAND new in Boxes) but no Infill panel only Mozzy and no groundsheet for Extension, but he was 2hr drive away.
  7. The fella brought it, and was still in its box too, still had tags on bag, only used on the 2 occasions for 1 long day session and 1 night session, never rained on.... Hopefully have chance to put it up soon.
  8. Going to Keep the AXS 2 Man and Purchase the Vapor Cap in New Year. Just picked up a Sonik Armatek Brolly System.
  9. Sonik...... We are only going to bring out the vapour caps for the AXS 2 man, the wraps we decided not to go with as they were just to heavy for the bivvy given the size and the vapour cap is just as effective so only the cap will be available.
  10. Biggest bivvy I've ever seen (so far)
  11. I've just put up the 2 man bivvy....for something to do 😱😱😱 It took an hour to fully put up and take down, taking my time....I actually might keep and get either the Vapor Shield, Wrap or Inner Capsules.
  12. On the for a new bivvy....this has to be "The One for all"...
  13. I'd love to be out doing any fishing, but work, time, family has tied me up for at least the next 6 week.
  14. Think this year fishing is over for me now..... On the last of my Night Shift tonight, done 3 weeks (cant complain though, half the work and double the pay)....work is manic at moment. Wife has an operation next week, so that's 4 weeks recovering, then Christmas. So new year I think it is.....
  15. That not bad, I've just found a Cyprinus HQ 2 man n Wrap for £200, wrap never used, still in sealed box 🤔🤔
  16. I'm also thinking hanging fire until after New Year, got £300 here, could sell 1 man (maybe the 2 man) then get something like the M3 or a NEW 1.5/2 man n Wrap...... Maybe even Sonik AXS XL n Wrap 🤔
  17. I'm looking a Decent 2nd Hand M3 now, got about 4 I've saved all around £300 for Bivvy n Wrap.....all in Excellent Condition. (That's how pictures look)....but I look in a 20mile radius so I can see them up for myself.
  18. The Sonik AXS was just about enough for 1 bed and 1 chair, but can only sleep so many times in a chair..... The Sonik 2 man I have will be plenty and more for me n lad..... The Advanta 1 man is Very Compact and only just enough for 1 man. I am thinking of waiting for Sonik to bring out the Camo Vapour Cap or Camo Wrap for the 2 man, but I'm sure they said they arrive this week to them, then on sale a few days later....
  19. Hi Guys..... I've now come to a conclusion I'm wanting a decent size 1 man bivvy that can be turned into a 2 man with a wrap.... At the moment I'm looking towards an Aqua M3 with Super/Extender Wrap. I know I've got the 1an to myself, and the Sonik 2 man, but not even put that up yet and does look a way to big bivvy, over time it might grow on me ???
  20. Yeh, I had the 1 only (low single scrapper), but also not been out for a while, was good to be out though.
  21. Highy

    November Catch Reports

    Just a quick overnighter on Club lake.... Off the Mark with a little scrapper...
  22. It's got a good warm wind....Sat in a t shirt having a Brew n Toastie now... Can't believe it's pitch black by 5pm now.
  23. Setup for about 3.30.... Sorted Now.... It's abit Compact this Bivvy....
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