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Hi Martin,


There is a large reservoir called Baruva 15 minutes from Lagos. It's not know to have many big carp in it but has lot's of pasties. There is also a small river 15 minutes from lagos that has has produced upper doubles.


The places that I fish are in the Alentajeo region, witch is North of the Algarve, about an hours drive from Lagos.


I have friends who organize fishing trips so if you need anymore info let me know.


It is currently closed season until the 15th of May in Portugal.

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Hi Martin,


The Alentejo is one of the better places to go carping with quite a few decent lake to hit.


The main problem with Bravura (which I started going to in '80) and with the other lakes on the Algarve is that they are full of small fish and they mostly have steep shale banks which can be a pain in the rear. Up in the Alentejo it's a different story all together. Bigger waters to with most of them being well over 1,000 hectares.


BTW, eating out up there is better too, a bit cheaper than in and around Lagos 8)

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