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some help please

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ive always wanted to fish in england so next year myself and my mates are giving france a miss for one year and we are planning a trip to england. i need some help finding the right venue. we would be getting the boat to hollyhead. so some where close to that would be ideal. (3-4 hours drive) we were looking to fish a water that holds 30's and maybe 40's to make it interesting. any help or info would be great. :?::?::?:

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£26 for a year, one licence covers the use of 2 rods, if you use 3 or 4 rods you'll need a second licence :wink:

you can also get an 8 day licence for £9.50 and the same applies, you'll need 2 of them if you use 3 or 4 rods :wink:

once you have your rod licence/s you just need your day ticket money :wink:8)

good luck mate :wink:8)

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