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  1. thanks for the heads up lads. i knew it was a busy spot but i didnt think it was that badly pressured. the pressure on the fish is one thing, but having that many anglers on one lake can be a real pain. so hunts corner would be a better option?? im coming over from ireland. went to france last year and i always wanted to fish in england, so decided on england this year.
  2. im off to st johns in april. anyone fished it? not much info on the site regarding the lake itself. is this a gravel pit? what kind of depths? how many swims? rules regarding leaders? any info would be great. thanks
  3. i found that the success of tipping baits varys from lake to lake. what the baits are tipped with also varys. like every other bait, some work better on different lakes. ive also fished this method and had my bait completely ignored and the freebies picked up. so yes i do believe its possible for a wary carp to avoid a bait that stands out, but because there such inquisitive creatures it will work on certain lakes with certain fish.
  4. thanks again marker. we have decided on st. johns in the linear complex. seems to be a very pressured water. the fish look fantastic though. has anyone on here fished it?
  5. thanks for the reply marker. had a look at both of these lakes, they look great. linear looks the dogs. any other suggestions lads?? how much is a rod license in england? what way does this work?
  6. ive always wanted to fish in england so next year myself and my mates are giving france a miss for one year and we are planning a trip to england. i need some help finding the right venue. we would be getting the boat to hollyhead. so some where close to that would be ideal. (3-4 hours drive) we were looking to fish a water that holds 30's and maybe 40's to make it interesting. any help or info would be great.
  7. i dont know if this should be in this section or not?? sorry if it is not worthy of advanced section... my question is when fishing a water with various sizes of fish in it, what ways do you use to try to and catch the bigger fish?
  8. was just wondering what do you guys like to put in your stick mixes??
  9. thanks for the info lads. rolled my first batch of it at the weekend. rolled like a dream. start introducing it to the lake now...
  10. was thinknig of adding some essentail oils black pepper to the mix. do you know the main bulking agents of the basemix?? do you use the liquid food with it?
  11. yea the trigga ice is the all year round version. thinking of buying bulk amount of base mix for a baiting campaign on my local, going to introduce from now on, through the winter and fish it next year.. was just wondering has anyone used it for something similar and if yes what was thr results like???
  12. has anyone any info on nutra baits trigga ice? anyone using it?
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