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The Old man and me


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New book out this week looks good called The old man and me, it's a true crime book based on the life of a Coventry bloke I know it will be a good 'un as i knew the bloke real well him and my pops used to get up to all sorts, plus the bloke done me a proper solid when my dad passed, some of the guys i meet over the years was something else and everyone of them would make sure dreamers didn't try to copy them, long prison time is no joke they made sure i knew that.  


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Sod it it was years ago, when i say solid, the guy paid for my dad's funeral no expense spared my sisters went full limit even bought a plot of land had the horses out and everything proper send off, the guy got me set up in a real nice council flat paid for my driving test and lessons bought my first car and gave me enough cash, i could get my first carp set up, custom rods and all the latest fox gear, even offered me a job which i did look into as i sort of knew the ropes anyhow, but i had to be honest about it the potential for violence and the every man for themselves when it hits the fan, is just not me. It's not many people to be truthful, just they don't know that until it's too late, i did my bit in a young offenders as a kid, not something i want to go back to, but strangely enough it can get you a bit of respect from some very unusual people?

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53 minutes ago, Jaswilson said:

My Dad helped so many people over the years so it's difficult to know who you might be. Some will struggle to believe how he was but the book I think captures the man you describe. I am on Twitter @TheOldManAndMe so feel free to DM me.

Norries son my dad was friends with your uncle and aunts as well, John would remember me best from your family hope all are well the book looks good glad you haven't made it read like a great career option you must know better than most the reality of a long time in jail. 

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