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Lonsdale park

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I have just spent a week at Lonsdale Park Fishery by Carlisle in Cumbria; it was a real grim week - to sum up my experience:

The luxury caravan was a pit with beds a dwarf would find snug , a fishery manager with all the charm of a prison warden with all the electric fences to match , an advertised 7 lake venue that turned out to be a 4 lake venue as one lake was a small leaf covered puddle and two were " only for people I trusted !"

A cafe that opened at 0930 and not 0800 and did not serve evening meals as advertised.

The fishing - well - this venue advertised to be 'one of the UKs premier venues' and to hold ' specimen roach and Carp Tench and Pike’. I was fishing with two of the UKs top coarse fishermen ( who the fishery manager did not recognise!!!) and we didn’t bag and monsters with a 10 lb carp and a 7lb Tench 7lb Pike and 2lb roach being the biggest of all fish caught - no one blanked but we all agreed this is no specimen venue .

This is not a venue for serious anglers as his website eludes / claims and is a poor quality holiday camp with electric fences.

While we were there two serious carp anglers were refused use of the specialist carp ponds and ended up leaving in disgust on Weds of a fully paid up week as they felt the venue was a waste of time!


I don't have an axe to grind but the website for this venue would have you believe it is a close second to Horse Shoe Lake with luxury Accom and helpful staff - I would say BUYER BEWARE!

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What a pity. We (the family) spent a week up at Lonsdale Park some 12 years ago. My mum and dad just chilled out mainly but me and my brother did some serious fishing. It was without doubt the greatest weeks fishing I had and still have ever experienced. At the time it was run by a chap called Wayne, only young but very nice. We fished 2 lakes, Deer Lake and the main one Lonsdale Lake. Caught a stupid amount of fish upto mid-doubles all in mint condition and some big tench and bream. The highlight of the week for me was catching my first ever ghostie, a known fish called Rhino at it's heaviest weight 11lb 12oz and it took 20 minutes to land. Deer lake had some truly beautiful original wild carp up to about 6 pound as well, which went crazy when hooked. It's a place that I often think about with great affection when I let my mind wonder. Sounds like I got to fish it when it was at its best.

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You're the same bloke whom was dissing Lonsdale on gofishing.co.uk forum, listen everyone out there - Lonsdale Park is a great venue. It's a shame you did'nt have a good time there, it can be a moody water due to it being so northern and is prone to be affected by the elements. The Electric fence is to keep unwanted people out and is not obvious, take a look at the fish catches on the website most fisherman of a good ability do very well. The small lake/pond you moaned about is classed as a kids pool so its not going to be 5 acres is it. If Paul the owner declined someone use on the other 2 lakes he would have made this decision with the wellfare of the fish in mind and obviously did not think that the anglers were experienced enough. Don't judge Lonsdale on the view of 1 person's experience. For someone with no axe to grind he's gone to alot of trouble bad mouthing the place (This complaint is posted x3 times on the Go Fishing Forum).

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been the last 4 years have had good and bad days foods been great taken 3 years to get a cottage they have always been booked up nearly ayear in advance like every venue you carnt have big catchs all the time paul and val and the staff do a great job. meet people that have been going for years and they travel from devon every year il be there in may with 4 mates just chilin out . 8)8)

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Good evening all, hope all is well 

Anyone have any experience fishing lonsdale park? 

My brother and his friend has booked us a few nights on the 23rd of October 

Has anyone fished there recently or within the past few years and can shed some light on the place please? Not expecting to be told how to fish it 😁 just what lies within its waters fish and feature wise 

Some bad Reviews I'm praying they're not true. It's a three hour drive 🙄😅

Kind regards 

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Just read your comments on Lonsdale Park.
The 'owner' you refer to has been replaced. A great deal of work has taken place with more ongoing.

Carol is the new owner. Tony De Manc is the manager assisted by Barney.

The shop is open every day and is very well stocked.

The vast majority of pegs have been substantially renovated and, in most cases, will support a two-man bivvy with room to spare for rods, mat and net etc.

The fishing is excellent, as I found out from a recent visit after a 9 year lapse. The previous owner had let the place go, which was a great shame.

If you like specimen Carp, Pike, Tench, Perch and Roach, Lonsdale Park is BACK and is definitely worth a visit.
We plan to go again in spring and summer 2021

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I spent two weeks there from 2/10/20.

Carp were difficult as was the weather. Lake temperature plummeted on our arrival. Still landed carp to 18lb and Pike to 22lb

Don't pile in the bait at this time of year. Spread your free offerings around a 10 foot diameter with yours in there somewhere.

You'll probably do best at twilight and after dark. There's a point of land that sticks out into Lonsdale lake next to cottage 6. Cast to the opposite bank on the left side of this. You can walk around and toss in your freebies through the trees.

Lots of good perch and roach. No tench on this visit but had plenty in the past.

Hadn't been since 2011 as the venue's facilities had gone downhill. The new owner has put the magic back.

We're going again in the spring and summer 2021.

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Just returned from a week at Lonsdale. The fishing was outstanding with top quality roach and tench fishing. The carp anglers were having a great time on the far side of the point on Lonsdale lake. They are just starting to feed. No doubt about it some of the best roach fishing around, quantities of fish 1lb plus is not rare, tench to 10lb as well. Carol the new owner is doing a great job, Tony the fisheries manager and his team have made massive leaps forward in cleaning the place up including the banks and swims and bringing the fish on. My tip for fishing there feed little and often. Happy friendly place with great accommodation. Already re booked.

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