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  1. I have just spent a week at Lonsdale Park Fishery by Carlisle in Cumbria; it was a real grim week - to sum up my experience: The luxury caravan was a pit with beds a dwarf would find snug , a fishery manager with all the charm of a prison warden with all the electric fences to match , an advertised 7 lake venue that turned out to be a 4 lake venue as one lake was a small leaf covered puddle and two were " only for people I trusted !" A cafe that opened at 0930 and not 0800 and did not serve evening meals as advertised. The fishing - well - this venue advertised to be 'one of the UKs premier venues' and to hold ' specimen roach and Carp Tench and Pike’. I was fishing with two of the UKs top coarse fishermen ( who the fishery manager did not recognise!!!) and we didn’t bag and monsters with a 10 lb carp and a 7lb Tench 7lb Pike and 2lb roach being the biggest of all fish caught - no one blanked but we all agreed this is no specimen venue . This is not a venue for serious anglers as his website eludes / claims and is a poor quality holiday camp with electric fences. While we were there two serious carp anglers were refused use of the specialist carp ponds and ended up leaving in disgust on Weds of a fully paid up week as they felt the venue was a waste of time! I don't have an axe to grind but the website for this venue would have you believe it is a close second to Horse Shoe Lake with luxury Accom and helpful staff - I would say BUYER BEWARE!
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