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Dwarf 10 foot 3 lb (Mk 2)

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11 hours ago, Highy said:

Hi all

Were can i get the top/end part for the Dwarf 10 foot 3 lb (Mk 2)T1951.

Ive contacted Nash but no reply yet..


You'd be better off phoning them I recon...… 01702 233232... At least they will let you know if they do parts.

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10 hours ago, cloud9 said:

If you zoomed out the top section will be in shot ... Look at the state of that brickwork shocking ...

Yeh...ive pulled out the telescopic piece from the butt...but its the 2nd piece i need...ive contacted nash via email...just waiting now...

B.C...will fone if ive not heard..

I hope they do as the looms a pristine rod so i suppose they jus forgot it...

Cheers guys

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