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The Lost Diary. Chris Yates


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The wife bought me this and slipped the little volume into my bag for my night shift along with my sarnies..... It covers the year after Chris caught the Bishop at Redmire... Interestingly enough, he rarely mentions that historic capture, you can see his interest waning for Redmire, or perhaps it is the other way round... who knows...?

It retains the clipped diary style with short chapters but still has the Yates stamp all over it.... I love Yates's style of writing, I also love the fact that this diary went missing for ages and was found in a box of Christmas deccies in an attic and was only found by accident.... if I have any criticism its that I feel that it feels a little rushed with the  journal style and lacks the almost poetic narrative that previous works by himself that are his trademark...

That said, it is hugely enjoyable and charts his year very well and lets face it, the man can write as well as he can fish... a good read...

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