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Berny Riviere


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Hi all, im going to berny riviere for my holiday this year and it has two fishing lakes with big carp in apparently. Has anyone fished there and if so any tips or advice would be appreciated!



:( Hi there, i have been there umpteen times over the last twentyyears and had some good times, unfortunately this year they have drastically changed the rules, (check the camp site) Because of the new price increases and the new rules i have cancelled my stay there and will not be returning again unless they relax them. ps there was also a large fish kill there last year and so the fishing is no where near as good as it used to be. If you decide to fish the boating lake Cheese out fished boillies for me last year. if your not catching on the round stuff give it a try it,s always been consistant on there i was catching while the chap next to me was blanking on the cell
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Hi, we got an email about the rules, I didnt think it was that bad tbh. What sizes are in there please? And yeah I've read from other places that cheese has done well thanks. It's not really a fishing holiday just a general holiday but it co insides with fishing so I'll give it a go. Cheers Raph

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