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Pocahontas Lake Heacham, Norfolk

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Does anyone know anything about Pocahontas in Heacham, Norfolk please? Am looking to do 48 hours in couple of weeks but would appreciate some info on the place if anyone can help. Hear it's very weedy but not sure if there are clear patches etc. Anyone know if you are able to have a walk around please? Thanks guys.

Tight lines.

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hi there,fished there a few time,love the place! i tend to fish it more in winter than summer though,think because its stream fed the fish seem to keep moving in the colder months. it can get quite weedy,but not unfishable weed. there are clear spotsbut i tend to get best results when fishing in the weed. call chris on 07876151247 he is the bailiff there,you need to call hi to book on ect,but if you called him i dont think he would have a problem with you having a walk around.


P.S dont forget a barrow,its a good walk from the carpark!!

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Thanks for that. Had a ride over Thursday and met Chris. Gave me some good info. Going to head over in next few weeks. thinking of fishing it until Nar Valley reopens. Been fishing Pentney as my back up but fancied a change. Mind, if it gets sold the new owner could stop all fishing as there is no protective covenant on the lake! Usual rigs and bait?

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