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Le moulin du mee

Guest fenboy

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Just returned from my yearly trip to le moulin du mee , this year I was joined by Brighton Carper for his first french trip.

Things were not looking great when we learned on arrival that they has just suffered there worst ever weeks fishing with just 6 fish landed the previous week !.

The water levels were lower than I had seen them in my previous 5 visits and they were in dire need of some rain to freshen things up .

After a walk around the lake Brighton Carper decided to fish the shallows as there were lots of fish showing up there , I felt that they were just up there sunning themselves rather than feeding and thought they would be more likely to drop into deeper water to feed , with only 4 of us on the lake one angler decided to fish the island swim while myself and another both fancied the deeper water off the dam, for once I won the toss for a swim and fished my choice of the dam.

First night and I was surprised when around 2am the left hand rod ripped off , on lifting into the fish I knew straight away it was one of the sturgeon , as usual it went ballistic along the margin wiping out my other rods as well ! god I hate sturgeon , it went 27lb but was put back without a picture . Next night and again around 2am another run on the left hand rod resulted in a nice 35lb 6oz mirror and I was off the mark . carp003.jpg

The next three days/nights were frustrating with lots of showing fish just not feeding , the weather was high pressure with days reaching 30c and nights down to 7c , it was beginning to look like a one fish trip.

On the 6th night I decided to fish a bit closer in where there was a little less silt and spread a couple of kg of boilies over the area, around 3am I had a steady lift of the bobbin on the middle rod , it just pulled tight and sat there so i decided to hit it , I was glad I did as after a good scrap I slipped the net under what I thought was a big common , when I went to lift it out it went from big to massive ! , up on the scales and I could not believe my eyes when it went 51lb 3oz , the fish was scale perfect too , Jim the owner was kind enough to get out of bed at 3am to do some pics .carp007.jpg

The last night was upon us and conditions had changed for the better with heavy rain and wind, with the change I was actually expecting a fish on the last night and was not disappointed when again in the early hours the bobbin pulled tight on the middle rod and once again i hit it rather than waiting for a run to develop , the result was a very nice 42lb 10oz mirror .




unfortunately brighton carper did not have the same luck as suspected the fish did not feed in the shallow and he moved swims after a couple of blank days , he managed a few fish to low 20s on the smaller lake and on the last night had a scraper 20 from the main lake with is rather unlucky with the average being around 35lb .

As usual the food and hospitality was first class and with plenty of good natured banter between the four anglers it was a great week.

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I have had a bit of a mixed bag to be fair , usually do to getting poor weather conditions . the first year I had 35 fish with just 3 over 30lb and 12 20s which gives some indication in the growth weights that now the average fish is 35+, I have been and had a blank last year a couple of fish the year before and about a dozen the year before that .

But I know the fish are there and I know they are getting bigger and are in pristine condition and coupled withthe fact it has great owners and great food that is the reason I go back each year.

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I have been jims every year since 2008 except last year and going back in 2 weeks.


This place has been very kind but also mean at time's.


1st time my first fish was the saddleback at 43 then it came out to noddy the week after 6oz bigger but what a week I ended up with 28 fish from 20 to 43 with a 39 35 x 4 loads but they have grown since.


Had a disappointed one the year after we decided we would take particle and although we caught it was not the best year.


Year after I had a dream session the first person to have 2 x 50lb fish out and they were in the second night and 3rd night although I didn't catch for the last 3 days it didn't matter I had 7 that year.

Year after was a [censored]ter it was cold (October) it was actually snowing at one point and the fish were on the chateau bank where the sun was and I ended up with 1 41lb on the Friday night so it was a disappointing trip fish wise but I am back for more in 2 weeks.


Let you know how it goes.

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