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  1. So I'm getting really tempted to get a duel fuel, getting through loads of gas canisters and thinking a duel fuel will be better for me. Have any of you guys got one/used one and how did you find it/rate it?
  2. I use a Wychwood extricator one piece 6ft rod for stalking and for 35 quid is an amazing rod, lovely action and cork handle, team it up with my 2600 and its a great combo, well balanced.
  3. I've left my air dried bait at home before, was drying it in my air dry bags on the fence for a few days. packed my car etc drove to lake, set up then thought piffle!! All I had on me was a tub od pop ups and my spod mix. Luckily the old man has a key to the house so he got them for me, I had to give him petrol money though as was a 40 mile round trip for him lol!!
  4. Hi guys, have any of you guys used there carbon washers? I'm tempted to get some of there carbon washers for my 5000t's but have heard they can/have ruined spools? Any of you guys experienced this? And are they worth the 15quid?
  5. Cheers for that will check mine now.
  6. I paid 90 each. ....so prop not....but not fussed to be fair as they are mega loud lol!
  7. I currently have the 15lb version on my infinitys and so far liking it. I'm usually a GR60 user but thought will give this ago, and at 20 quid I can always take it off if I dont like it. It does seem just a touch thicker then other lines at this BS but so far have had no problems.
  8. Another pair of nevs and a pair of daiwa infinity x 5000's. first outing monday night!
  9. So I got a pair of nevs today, and been told they were mk2. they have flat backs and sensitivity settings too, as well as the 3 volume control. Now my question is....are they compatible to the neville receiver? The shop were unsure (they were delkim users) and they didnt have a receiver in stock to try.
  10. James Q


    http://s412.photobucket.com/user/BURMMAN2008/media/DSC03546_zpshr4dvsd5.jpg.html?filters[user]=82961998&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0 had a 20lber from suffolk water park today......traditional lake...well chuffed!
  11. http://s412.photobucket.com/user/BURMMAN2008/media/DSC03546_zpshr4dvsd5.jpg.html?filters[user]=82961998&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0 A 20lber from water today..taken on the awesome nutcracker!
  12. Cheers for the comments guys, yeah its a big step up and will be a major learning curve! My initial plan is the tench, to get my feet in the water so to speak, and some of the tench go to over 10lb! I'm planning on loads of walks there, and to be there when there spawning, get an idea on the stock. The biggest is a common that goes between 51-53lb.I'm excited and nervous lol. Lots of home work, walking and frustrations to come lol!
  13. Also look at the Wychwood range of rods, I use there D101's and D301's. fantastic rods for the money, the D101s can be had for 49.99 in certain shops and they come with the option of cork or full duplon handle options.
  14. Nope not giving up fishing. I'm sure we have all been there...fishing easy waters where you have to do something really bad not to catch etc, well that's me the last year. Gaining experiance (havnt fished for 10 years previous) buying gear and getting knowledge on bait, rigs etc. the water is on a local club ticket and is only a 3 min drive from my house. Will require hard work from me with water craft etc and its 12 acres with roughly 35 carp and loads of tench, and weedy. So, when you was in this position, how did you approach the challenge?
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