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  1. Im sorry to be a know it all but your on the wrong track firstly in reply to you comment "it does not smell of anything" carp smell at around 3 ppm not even close to our crappy sense of smell they effectivly smell proteins, amino acids minerals etc.. Not strawberry or tuti fruity! The vodka or indeed any alcohol contains an amino acid called lycin which we all need it comes from the fermentation process hence the success of active csl which has an abundance of this readily available. Vodka is a superb addition to your hookbaits not so much your entire stock of freebies the reason it is more effective in autumn winter is the fish crave it to aid digestion so they can process more food quicker to build up to spawning so it is usefull right up until April time and then after spawning from june/july. Hope this helps i may have some spelling errors it did not spell check.
  2. So now you are saying fly fishing is a none entity of a branch of fishing! it's clear I have my answer then regarding carp fishing the thrill of the chase and the skill required to catch within the bounds of presenting a "bait" (I.e coarse fishing Ledgering whatever you want to call it ) is irrelevant so long as we catch a fish anything goes. I can't believe the same anglers on here launched into a leadcore and braid debate like the use of toasters had been muted, yet it is ok to trail long lengths of mono with hooks suspended mid water to provoke an aggressive feeding reaction. You all positively defend this despite the obvious and proven dangers of widespread use of the method, however I'm not disputing the method as such I'm saying it does not feel like it's a fair way to catch and still class it in the same vein of angling it is fly fishing of a sort! and to me involves unnecessary unsafe methods if you want to suspend a fly mid water use a fly rod or at best use a float why use an anchored in some cases 4ft upwards Hooklength which will by its nature hook almost any contact fin tail flesh maybe mouth but hay who cares a carp on the bank is a carp on the bank. And no if you have ever been fly fishing or fished for trout you will know that it is infinitely more difficult to catch on the fly as it requires infinitely more skill. As for being on the decline Id look around you first in the states it is even larger than it is here it's on the decline here due to greedy fishery owners charging way to much to fish and insisting on killing your catch to justify but that's a whole other argument. Clearly not for a carp forum as fly fishing is crap and all who do it plebs!
  3. Also why have people picked up on bow fishing but not netting fish is netting ok then ?
  4. You guys are all saying it's fine to use any method to catch carp or indeed any given quarry, I'm saying surely there is a line. I do I confess come from a background of fly fishing for trout which was/is a very strict form of fishing, indeed Id say you'd be hard pushed to find anyone trout fishing with maggots and a float even if allowed. I appreciate the differences posed by salmon and sea trout and I take that on. But I still feel however misguided that zig fishing is fly fishing by another name, and in my book somehow feels abit wrong I appologise if you are all offended.
  5. Carpmachine I understand where you are going with the salmon fishing one very good point I would only consider a fly caught fish as a true fish but I appreciate there are many variants some of which are as traditional as each other, good shot.!
  6. Carpbell_ll yes please if you still have it I'm not sure about posting a question on LEADCORE now !
  7. Nigewoodcock. All valid points to the fly fishing angles yes I believe it would be extremely effective for catching trout. My point is as a trout angler you simply would not use a zig rig. Zigs are effectively flies see Nash range I've even tied zigs for people, I don't think you can possibly argue that zig fishing is going to water our angling down. would you take a pole to linear ? Would you camp on a seatbox all day ? We arnt talking about morals it's just fishing we are talking about what is the line between carp angling and fly fishing. I don't dispute that it is not easy to catch on zigs indeed it is not even an unfair advantage but it is fly fishing. I would say a pop up more than a couple of cm off the bottom is becoming a zig but we are at least throwing a nod to traditional carp fishing, other angling streams have ethics have unspoken rules about what is acceptable. Newmarket. I am not an alarm monkey by any standards either! which only having one working leg means fishing is like running a marathon for me I don't appreciate that comment I am a traditionalist who enjoys stalking them out where I can and conditions allow. I am pulling out now I've obviously russeled some feathers which was not my intention we are all never going to aggree on this point it is fly fishing that's that. I've got to go and put some new elastic in my pole now ready for redmire pool next weekend
  8. I've not even moved to the problem with foul hooking, the potential to leave lengths of line in the water or trailing fish also what is the deal with ejecting leads why are we dumping tonnes of lead into the water that is going to start to become a problem and it is a style of fishing that hugly benifits from dumping the lead
  9. I think my point has been missed I just think if you are fishing in a particular style I.e. Carp fishing then it should not be a case to vary the style to the point that it becomes something else otherwise what is our sport I also consider myself an "angler"and have always fished for varied species from salmon to dace but I like to catch those fish in a traditional angling style
  10. Yes you should I always carry a cat-o-nine in case I catch a none target species be it bream roach tench trout
  11. I like this forum you get super response to posts please don't be to hard on me I'm just thinking that our amazing sport is in danger of loosing it's ethics and without those what do we become you cannot tell me Newmarket that you would say anything other than derogatory things if I was fishing for trout with float and maggot Id be thrown off the water or in! Lol the point is trout anglers protect their sport with their ethics and would consider trout caught by any other means as non sporting should zig caught carp have separate record books? Please don't take my use of the word ethics as being a slight against fish care etc. I mean it solely in the sense of being within the sports basic fundamentals.
  12. I'm not trying to sway anyone or make any links I understand my carpy pals are not Eastern Europeans catching to eat their prey but my point stands if korda developed a tiny plug or blade to evoke carps fancy for fry at the right time of year where does it end fishing should be fun I aggree but no one has answered my question of what would happen if I turned up at a trout pool or chalk stream with a float rod and maggots Id catch lots of trout !! It would be fun!!
  13. Yes already bought my BARBLE gear and joined a syndicate stretch at Hanley castle and the hams 500 yards from the front door ! I also hear there are some large river carp to be caught, but I do like a nice carp lake and they all seem to be commercials
  14. Yes Ianain it is that is my point call it what it is fly fishing for carp
  15. Nymphs are most effective almost stationary I also don't like chod rigs I might start another thread lol you all seem to be missing the point I accept zig fishing is a part of carp fishing I just don't consider it to be ethical i.e. my comment on float fishing in a trout fishery.
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