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  1. Just had two items arrive. One, a very large "Euro" unhooking mat, ordered after the struggle I had last Autumn in France, and the other a membership book from a small Syndicate that has been on my "bucket" list for a number of years. BOF
  2. What is a syndicate? It is a group of folk, usually 10 to 20 or so, who club together to take the lease on a lake, and split the costs between them. To my mind anything bigger is simply a single water fishing club that charges too much. They are usually quiet places as a result, as the "bivvy circus" passes them by (thank goodness). The trouble these days is we are as a body heading towards regarding the numbers of fish and the size of them provided by the Commercial Carp waters as the norm. So someone looking to find their first syndicate imagines that it will provide similar, relatively easy, instant fishing for big fish. B.O.F.
  3. One of the early pioneers of what we now think of as the "modern" era of Carp angling. R.I.P. B.O.F.
  4. Done this a few times, so these days if its a water that I regard as a likely candidate for multiple catches, I usually have two nets already set up.I do this simply because the venues I fish can be quite large, or known for the Carp mooching about in numbers. If its a numbers water this means that the fish may come through, wipe out all the loose feed, (and hopefully get themselves hooked), but then they are off again shortly after, to return in a couple of hours if all goes well. Alternatively, if its not a numbers water yet the fish are known to travel together in bunches, then you can get a similar reaction with the fish emptying the swim quickly, but then not returning for a few days rather than hours. Either way I want everything set up to maximise any opportunities presented when the fish do come through. So in addition to the multiple nets, I use line clips instead of plain swivels. With these I can swap hooklinks quickly, leaving any hooked fish in the nets to deal with after I have recast to the spot that the fish came from. Ready baited hooklinks being kept, draped over the rim of a bait bucket, pre-loaded with the stick mixes for use within a couple of minutes or so of netting the previous fish. In this manner I can hopefully snaffle extra fish during the time I previously used in going through the whole unhooking, weighing and doing the snaps thing for the first fish. Hope this helps B.O.F.
  5. If you are totally paranoid about the fish seeing your lead for some reason fish a stick mix, (threaded onto your hooklink), attached helicopter rig style, so it flings the bait and stick out away from the lead. B.O.F.
  6. I have been thinking about the Penn Affinity 7000's, they appear have super line lay, and, according to the blurb from the dealers, excellent gearing, but I havent been able to find anyone who has used them for any length of time. What decided you on them?
  7. This is similar to the one I am currently using except mine is basically green and cream. http://www.hometextile.co.uk/aztec-blue-sleeping-bag.html B.O.F.
  8. I have a bundle of sleeping bags bought over the years, usually as I get fatter. But I keep coming back to the same old 44oz zip round "envelope" style bag. The current one is a cheapo off Ebay, and I use it opened out like a duvet. The only difference is nowadays I use it covered by a Goretex style breathable cover. This is used all year round, even in the "depths" as they say, just as long as the lake isn't hard and crunchy. In my youth I could sleep in very little, thanks to good circulation, and a thick foam mattress under my bag. But 25 years or so on now, and having roared out of my pit far too many times to play fish stood only in my skivvies in a biting wind I have now learned that all I really need to take off when settling down for the night, are my Croc's and jacket. I remember some advice I was given when I used to be a rock climber, with pretensions to being a snow and ice man, "there is no such thing in this country as bad weather, just poor equipment". Maybe that is a little extreme, but I am seldom uncomfortable in my pit, and if I have to get up for whatever reason, (alas its not always the sound of my alarms, these days its usually the tinkling of something far less interesting), and should my bed get cold, I keep a kettle filled with water so I can fill my hot water bottle in not to long a time. B.O.F.
  9. Your bailiff would be having fits if he saw some of my rigs, no doubt about it. I fish some VERY silty waters, Cheshire Meres and old Mill dams in the main, and short hooklinks will often get dragged into the silt. Ok the fish are used to rooting about if they are hungry, but I doubt they will do it as much if they aren't. So I would be quite happy fishing a soft uncoated braided link of anything up to 2ft (if I am using a lead clip system). If I am using a helicopter rig or Chod rig with a leadcore leader I will use a hooklink as short as 4", as its the distance between the lead and the swivel that matters then, not the distance between the swivel and the hook. B.O.F. .
  10. It's a very simple rig that can work very well, just don't use it on soft bottoms especially in shallow water, where the lead can bury and leave the thick stiff braid sticking up. Even Bream aren't thick enough to fall for that one. B.O.F.
  11. The only time I tasted a Freezer burned bait it had changed the flavour from a Creamy taste to a sharp "metallic" sort of taste. I am sure the Carp couldn't give a monkeys what the flavour was supposed to taste like to us, but matching it on the next batch would be a swine! B.O.F.
  12. £300+ on a POD! No, a bit out of my comfort zone. Nor can I get my head round Elmo's recent purchase of 3 Fox Horizon XT's AND matching Spod rod, AND the set of Basairs to go with them. But like the man says its his choice. Me? Nahh I am strictly bargain basement, I got a Nash 13ft 3 1/2 in case I wanted to reach the humble distance I can get to with my Longbow DF's with a marker float rig. B.O.F.
  13. I think your main difficulty is Freezer Burn, this is caused by exposing the bait to the air, which draws the moisture out of the bait, and discolours it. Put your baits into individual kilogram sized poly bags, suck out the air, then seal the bag either with a Ziplock, or a wire twist. Then your baits should keep for a year or more, as long as you keep the bait frozen of course. B.O.F.
  14. When I make my bulk quantities (I do my own), I expect them to last all through the year, if left undisturbed, with the freezer set at its normal mid range setting. B.O.F.
  15. There is an amazing destruction test of a Chub Outcast rod on You Tube, but I cant get the site to allow a link so you will have to look for it yourselves, its worth the effort though. B.O.F.
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