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    Shrink Tube

    I have never had a problem with steaming the hook link, once the kettle is boiling properly it will only take a few seconds to fully shrink the tubing down so shouldn't damage the line. I also like to steam in a kicker by leaving about 1cm of tubing past the eye of the hook and whilst steaming hold the hooklength at an angle which will hold once the tubing cools. This can really help with barbless rigs.
  2. I need to get more confident with bottom baits for hook baits, 9 times out of 10 I will opt for a pop-up or balancing a bottom bait.
  3. Ah I see, to be fair my chods are usually fished naked with 4-6 inch of tubing between the bottom bead and the lead. Not only has this reduced hook pulls but also moves the lead away from the fish during the fight. On this particular lake with the small fish and deep silt I tend to use no more than a 1.5 oz lead so hoping that the lead doesn't cause any damage, I can't say I have ever noticed any but I will keep this in mind mate.
  4. Oh really? I did scale it all down as there aren't many larger fish in the lake but I didn't realise these popup style rigs weren't suited to the smaller stock? I have heard that the 360 rig, which has received a lot of attention in the press, can be a death trap for the smaller fish but there was no explanation as to why?
  5. Guilty as charge me laud! I wanted to test it out as it looks a lot like chod rig with a higher curve but I wanted to see the difference in takes/hookholds. I had it in mind for my difficult syndicate which has more than its fair share of the green stuff. I like to test changes out on my nice easy park lake as I can see what does and doesn't work rather than sitting on my hands wondering if the rig is fishing or if the fish have moved on.
  6. Haha, I think you would struggle to get away with it on this lake as every time I've been the balif comes round for a chin wag! Also he brings luck so would likely end up having to unhook a fish in front of him lol
  7. Hook is a wide gape and the curve is made using one of fox's withy pool sleeve. The fish was about 8-10lb
  8. Unfortunately it's a barbless rule on the water so barbs are not an option, good point though. I did think it was unlucky as I have not heard anything negative about the withy pool?
  9. Hi all. Just wanted your thoughts on the withy pool rig. Tied up a couple a few months back. Have had 3 fish on them so far but the last fish suffered torn tissue on the bottom of the mouth (inside by about an inch). I am slightly apprehensive to use it again because of this as I played the fish in gently, it looks as though the hook may have slipped (barbless) and has torn from the initial entry point. I gave the wound a liberal coating of mouth treatment but I wasn't overly happy with the level of damage. Should got a picture of damage but wanted to get him back and recovering ASAP. The other takes on this rig nailed them right in the bottom lip rather than inside the mouth and resulted in no damage at all. Thoughts?
  10. The very same, baliff came round and the best anyone else managed to get out was 3 but none of them really put much bait in. Carp must have enjoyed the mix, which being a park lake consisted of a good amount of bread crumb, a few pellets to break it up and chopped boilis.
  11. On my local park lake that is really only about 5ft deep has definitely woken up. Got there early to put in a reasonable bed of bait over two spots and had 14 carp out of 18 takes over the day.
  12. I had a good couple of days fishing at the weekend. 2 pike out of 3 takes on the lure rod and then 14 carp out of 18 takes on Sunday. Was knackered at work Monday morning!
  13. It might be worth talking to the anglers present first (if friendly enough), find out where they are fishing before you say why your there and then bait up the spots your keen on that they are not in, that way they can't really tell you not to bait up that spot as you know that they don't have a hook down there. They can of course claim that they have been baiting that spot as another option but at least you wont be baiting over their live hooks. Of course it does mean that after you leave you could find rigs being cast into your nicely baited spots. Always a minefield baiting up when not fishing and staying on the right side of folk! If your an early riser getting up at the crack of dawn could help, I've noticed a lot of anglers doing nights that fall asleep and don't stir till 9 the next morning (unless they have a take).
  14. I too bought some of the sweetcorn but never had a take on it. Like others I have had takes on black baits at night, I wonder if the glow actually puts them off as nothing on the lake bed glows naturally Whereas black baits will just create a strong silhouette.
  15. Got both and I've found either dry or full sloppy goes out easier and with less mess with the spoon. Anything in between dry and slop and the spod is fine but can get the odd blocked boilies.
  16. Cheaper option than the Supa Brolly is the Royale. I got the basic non system version and it's been great, not for nights mind you just use it for an easy day shelter on those windy and wet days.
  17. GR60 in 12 lb has been good to me so far on my turnos 8000's, got a lot of recommendations for it when I bought the reels. It has a really low memory, I have had one birds nest incident but that was down to dodgy spooling on my part!
  18. I encountered this for the first time a couple of weekends ago, about 2/3rds of the lake was frozen so with safely landing a fish in mind I just plumbed for a swim that's margin ice was close enough to the bank that I could use the landing net pole to break a channel to the swim. I also figured the areas that had no ice must be from slightly warmer water coming through the inlet and I managed a good few runs from this area. If I was unable to break the margin ice up sufficiently enough to gain clear access to the main body of unfrozen water I would have to admit defeat.
  19. Did you go for the full system? Was tempted but as I only wanted a day shelter I went for just the brolly. Will prob get some storm poles for the front of mine as well as the sides as will make it much more robust in strong winds. Hope you get on with it well!
  20. Looks similar to the spomb concept, be interested to see if its easier to load and if the catch gets jammed as easy as the spombs.
  21. Would like to see the Tommy Hill episode, was a big fan of his whlist he raced in BSB!!
  22. Cheers all! Was glad of a result after everything went so pete tong!
  23. Had a real mare of a day Sunday. I got up early and drove 40 mins to the day ticket I had chosen for after fishing the local park for a string of weekends. Upon getting there the car park was full with lads waiting to start a match... doh! I turned around and decided I would just head to the local park again. I arrived to setup an hour later, cursing the wasted first light, to find the park lake 80% frozen. After finding a fishable swim and breaking up the margin ice I went to cast out a slipped one leg into the margin, luckily my boot kept most of the water out but was not ideal! I cast out the first rod and within second's, before even sinking the line, it was away... for all of 5 seconds before the hook pulled. I was gutted as on such a cold day I was only expecting the odd bite! Cold and frustrated I got the rods out and decided I needed a warm brew to console myself and warm my soon to be numb hands and feet. Everything ready to go it then becomes clear that the gas bottle I had bought was not a screw top and couldn't be used! At this point I was questioning my sanity and was contemplating knocking the day on the head and going home for some warmth. At that thought I had another run onow the left rod and a nice little mirror was in frozen rigid net. While getting him sorted and getting a picture I had a run on the other rod! I couldn't believe I had had a double take on such a cold day! This gave me the confidence to stay on, the day ended with 4 fish landed but unfortunately also 4 fish lost. So all in my most bittersweet days in a long while, my first proper session dealing with frozen surface water too! So we all must've have them, what's your worst days fishing where everything that can go wrong goes wrong but for that silver lining that made it worth while?
  24. Needed a day shelter that is quicker and easier to setup and movery compared to the bivvy. Bought the fox royale 60 brolly, not the system or anything fancie but a great bit of kit that takes all of 2 mins to put up.
  25. Very interesting topic, I think I would stock mostly upper doubles and a few 20s but I would want to leave it unfished for a good few years from stocking before opening it to members.
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