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  1. Hi again what's the difference between lakes in looking for a few fish in the 20s if possible. What would you recommend? Thanks
  2. Not too bad then thanks. I am a carp angler but all the rules I follow any way back home when I'm carping so there isn't much difference. What lake is best to fish in your opinion?
  3. Hi, we got an email about the rules, I didnt think it was that bad tbh. What sizes are in there please? And yeah I've read from other places that cheese has done well thanks. It's not really a fishing holiday just a general holiday but it co insides with fishing so I'll give it a go. Cheers Raph
  4. Hi all, im going to berny riviere for my holiday this year and it has two fishing lakes with big carp in apparently. Has anyone fished there and if so any tips or advice would be appreciated! Cheers Raph
  5. Just got back only fished it once was too expensive and was fully booked as I didn't know you had to book didn't find Tom too helpful at time fished places around the IOW which were miles better. Few people did well some 30s and late 20s but fish were usually battered or had soures or cuts on them
  6. Thanks did you get any and what's the smaller pond like at last resort?
  7. Hi, going to rookley park in the Isle of Wight and fishing the large lake as ive heard the average size is 25lb! Has anyone fished it any information would be great. Thanks
  8. I use Barbless even if they allow barbs, less damage to the fish, don't lose that many anyway, no need for barbed in my opinion
  9. Hi the best chances of catching at rainbow are to use surface baits when it's sunny, or I know the boilies that they sell there work well. The better swims are 1,4,19,21. I'm going for a couple of days tomorrow ill let you know how I get on, and got to get a breakfast in the morning they're good! I really like the lake scenic but hard to catch John the bailiff is a nice bloke and the fish I have seen been caught have been immaculate as they take very good care of the fish and the lake
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