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  1. cheers guys, could i still use sun flow or olive oil or would the not me ideal
  2. i usually always take more bait than i put in and end up having some left over for the next session. i normally leeve the spare bait in a bucket for a week before using them again, could i re hydrate them with an oil, if so does it matter which oil ie sun flower, olive oil?
  3. thinking off changing to a helicopter set up with a combi rig with only an inch of supple braid and the rest a stiff fluro, i normally use a standard leadclip system with a coated braid do you think the change would get me a few more bites
  4. should i soak braid main line for my marker if so how long for ?
  5. cheers for the advice, tied on with a palomar knot?
  6. cheers, what about a spod would i need a leader on a spod
  7. do i need to use a shock leader on a marker rod or would it be ok with the same braid straight through?
  8. cheers, glad its not much of a stupid question then
  9. this may sound like a stupid question but are leads made from lead because in a few years time when a lake is littered with leads could it be dangerous for the fish? i know it is important to drop the lead in certain fishing situations i was just wondering
  10. ok cheers mate I will give them ago
  11. yeah that's what I saw that chapman advert, dam thought they were frozen
  12. did you buy any of the pop ups mate?
  13. I was thinking of the zebra mussel ones and yeah ill remember it
  14. has anyone used any bait from this company saw in a magazine that you can get a kilo for a fiver thinking of giving them a go and wondering if anyone's caught on them before
  15. cheers guys, wasn't going to use them on the hair just wondering if they would be fine to chuck out for the fish
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