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  1. Summer time when my eldest comes for a week session on the lake I take my 2 Man Nashdouble top extreme and pulling the front down and opening the rear vent definatly cools things down a lot. Same as my Armo open all the vents and its cooler anyone who says vents dont make any difference I cant understand why not have always done so withe me
  2. Hi Tim went to shallowbrook my local lake and had one fish and my arm was aching and the rod was bending more than ever before so thought 'great its a biggie' then it came off! As you can imagine the air was blue!!! Brave man fishing there always hearing of setups and tackle going walkies there.
  3. Im a syndicate member on Taswood I cant say they have a rat problem as there is very few. There is some good fish to be had fishing this time of year is harder. The complex shuts end of November. On I had out this season the long common @39lb
  4. I have a set and you can get different inserts depending on what thickness the rod blank is i would recommend them
  5. Surely holding the end at the end eye on a tip section and rasing it will show the softer TC as it will curve further down then the higer TC one.
  6. I did hear the basiairs need servicing I presently have Shimano XTA LC Big bait runners and they a nice reel but fancied a change
  7. 6lb Maxima Chameleon line is what I have always used for bream and have had hauls of over 150lb
  8. I have looked at these rods in the shop and im tempted by them and also a set of Basiair reels to go with them to replace my greys torsions I got offered a good deal on them but finding it hard to get any reviews on the rods. They definitely look the part and are well made. Anyone had any experience with them and any feedback would be good Cheers Marty
  9. Been looking here http://en.cartedepeche.fr/ChoixAssociation/3/52-liste-des-cartes.htm Ive not got a Clue what license we going to need we booking La valdore has anyone got any idea I make it out to be this one HODENG-AU-BOSC (76340) on a Holiday one but they don't offer that online so how do we go about sorting a license Cheers Marty
  10. Sensor is a good line i have used it in the past here is a line test done by the tackle box and as you will see sensor performs well above its stated breaking strain http://www.tacklebox.co.uk/pdfs/line_tests.pdf
  11. The MK1 Uses 27mhz frequency now I race RC cars and have a spare high end Futaba Faast 2.4 Digital TX and RX now depending what they use inside depends if I can swap it out and convert it to 2.4 digital does anyone have a picture of whats inside or the type of RX they use in them is it a standard tecniplus RX. I also had problems with someone being on same frequency this weekend at lake no fun them opening your hopper mid watet haha. Going to digital 2.4 will eliminate that Cheers Marty
  12. Myself personally use Xline its a fluorocarbon so sinks like a brick. Its ok for short distances but if you got to do long range casts forget it. Line twist can also be an issue but ive not suffered that. You also have to remeber to clean line after every session I just reel in through a none scented baby wipe that does the job. I have also used subline in the past but soon took it of as it cost me 2 good fish due to weak knot strength however I was informed it was a bad batch but the damaged was done and I had lost confidence in it.
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