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    Englishmen in Harrow Ontario.
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    Music.Fishing. Man Utd.Photography

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    Been getting out about when i can , not so much this year few health issue and work and life etc etc blah blah .. But i have had a few in the Net so far this Month which includes my PB while float fishing a waggler a Common of 24 and half pounds , These Ontario Rivers Just keep on giving .. Though Most of the fish have been caught using a small method feeder of Oats, Cream Corn Maze Chic Pea and Jelly powder mix , with a hook bait of Gulp Power maggots and a bit of rubber corn hair rigged to a size 8 hook 12 pound line and 9 ft Wychwood rod ( really is a all round perfect river Rod ) . The Swim.. the 24 pounder Float fishing Waggler ............... contents of my tackle box .. Another 24 pounder .. Double Bubble .. lean and mean fighting Machine .. The Rig
  2. I Have caught all my Fish on a simple Waggler or simple Slip singer with Hair never used alarm in my life , Bolt ring ? whats that then ? helicopter ? thought that something you fly in the air with to get from A to B . Simple fact is i am skint most the time but love my fishing so do it cheap and simple and i seem to be catching fish. But i do put the work in. i have 4 little spots i fish and i am for ever visiting them having a mooch around maybe chum a bit here and there and when i think its right for fishing i fish. but then i am lucky because now live in Canada not England so no more Day tickets Club fees over pressured waters etc etc. Just lots nice Wild Rivers Creeks and of Course the Great Lakes. But still think keep it simple keep it real . proper Fishing. My Brother Back home in the old country still thinks Proper fishing is only done in River and Canals all that Fishing giant Goldfish bowls ent fishing he says
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