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  1. Not really, nothing more than i knew already, and yeah dayvid they are
  2. Hi All, Just wondering what there is to know about Linbrook lake/ Northfield Half pit, as i've already decided i'm going to fish it, just wondering whether there's anything I should know? Cheers, Ben
  3. Could do with the same info as you tbh with you, Ive just moved near chelmsford for Uni and ive looked about a bit but cant seem to find any information
  4. I Thought i'd start this as a new thread rather than simply post it in the old one as it would therefore get more awareness, here is the new otter petition that replaces the old one due to it running out on the 16th Jan, Get signing!!! http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/44656
  5. Nick, Is there any way you can create a new petition to carry on from this one without losing the signatures you do have already?
  6. Crucians or Big old scaley Mirrors for me, getting fed up of commons because of all the stockies in my local waters
  7. Cheers Nick, I emailed RDAA and they said they only brought Rockford, And so any idea on who really has the Yateley waters?
  8. Any of you have an idea as to when RDAA are opening the cemex waters they have as their own waters?
  9. My Dad. and as for carp i would love to catch, the 30 thats in a lake near me that no ones caught but loads of people have seen and It dwarfs the rest of the fish in there, even the biggest which is usually about 22 odd? And I Would have loved to have caught Heather the Leather from the car park, That aint happening no more though
  10. Ive had one about the size in the picture on a 14mm pop up?, Oh, and a 1/2lb bream on a snowman 18mm bottom topped with a 14mm pop up?
  11. bwfrancis

    41lb pb

    Thats a cracker mate, Top Angling!
  12. I seem to have the same thing at my local,however, the lake in question has 100 carp in 3 acres or so, With one fish definitely 20, and another scraper 20 at the right times of year, with the rest of the fish ranging from 5-16 lb. I caught my first 20 last September, the last day of the "summer" holidays when it was bucketing it with rain all day long haha. After nearly 2 years of work, The feeling of eventually catching that one biggun was just brilliant
  13. The 16's nicer than the 19 tbh, the 19 comes out almost every month :L But Thanks anyway guys, cant wait to get back out again( tomorrow) will hopefully be posting more photos on here monday evening if all goes well
  14. Footprints in the sand... I Know its blurry, but the Ferry moved( Its supposed to be Lymington haha)
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