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  1. Any upto date info on the pads lake? Off for a few nights next week, any advice welcome.. Thanks
  2. I've got a lot of confidence in zigs but have never taken the plunge and used them at night, suppose there's only one way to find out!
  3. Going to give them a go next time im out, not too keen on the adjustables due to the weed at the lake, tried them before tho
  4. I've been doing a bit of zig fishing recently with fairly good results, have been recommended to try them at night as well as in the day. Was wondering if anyone has had any joy on them during the night, if so any tips average depth ect? Thanks
  5. Been looking at the Prologic max 4 neoprene and max 1 hydro-active chest waders and was looking for any feedback/reccomendations on the two? Cant choose which one will be most suitible, for regular use year round.
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    I do a lot of zig fishig and have found Drennan double strength to be the best hooklink for my zigs, it also quite cheap. I then use again korda Mixa hooks and havnt had a problem with either
  7. I also sleep under the starts but actually got caught in some rain a few sessions ago haha, good job the covers water proof. And mattgroves I've actually fished that lake a few times, nice little lake..
  8. have had a look at a few rods including the previous mensioned, decided to go for a 3lb test instead and trying to find a rod thats not too stiff under the tip but still has a decent back bone behind it, like the look of the daiwa theories and the greys x flite pluses
  9. Was wondering what recommendations people have for 2.75lb test curve rods for use on a range or different sized venues???
  10. Daiwa linear reels, great reel with a good line capacity ect.. I can cast to the horizon with these and my 2.5lb test curve rod
  11. Thanks for the input everyone, was thinking of getting the large ESP one as it looks quite good and is cheap as well
  12. Thanks for the replys, had more of a small caryall sort of thing in mind with 1 or 2 pockets ect.. Any ideas? Thanks
  13. ESP bait bag or Trakker NXG Chilla bag?? Mainly for use on day sessions and overnighters for use with a wide range of bait. Can anyone recomend any other good bait bags? Thanks.
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