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  1. 3 spots to try,cherry lake in the west,yarra east, water sports center carrum in the south.good luck.
  2. hi guys how meny of you use this app iweight carp for your fishing/
  3. were can i buy korda lead clip = tails and 20lb korda hybrid hooklink in aussie land.
  4. which side of melbourne are you,am in south east,lots of water to fish with most fish mid dubbles.
  5. Hi guys, how long should you air dry your boilies for? Should you keep them in the fridge or the freezer.
  6. I found all colors good,blue has been best for the over 20lb
  7. Hi guys can you get red robin here in australia is it as good as the uk red robin. Now looking at making up a amino bait dip,were do i get it all from to make it up
  8. Hay boat's are good for long range dave All you need is a good mono 10/12lb or 10/14lb braid cheers snowman
  9. Most of my boilie fishing is with fishmeal/birdfood mix all year round,you just cut down on fishmeal to 50g istead 200g & drop the oil from 20m to 10m for winter As for flavors it's up to you,their is a group of us that fish alot together and all use diffrent flavours and we all catch cheers snowman
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