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  1. Good point considering the feather in the top left corner on the first photo
  2. A friend and I have done 30 sessions on a hard and very weedy lake, we have had only one carp out of it in that time. For 29 sessions we marker floated, tried different bait, the method feeder, zig rigs with black foam, PVA stick, Solid PVA bags, different ground baits the list just goes on. On the 30th session with out any real thought I put half a dozen boilies in a spot that doesn't look dissimilar from your last photo, then promtly forgot about it. Sometime the next morning I had quick look and the boilies were gone. Only rod we had to hand was an old float rod set up for sprat bashing, so In it goes with 2 boilies on and 10 minutes later we managed pull out a 19 . So I would suggest one in a clear spot in the margins is a must. As previously mentioned bait up spots in the margin during the week and see if the bait is gone next time your there. OK, now be the weed, feel the weed, become the weed,,,,,blah, blah, blah, that may sound silly but I do mean it. You have to imagine what it's like down there and how fish will act due to the environment. The way I look at weedy lakes now is it's a road network. Why would a fish put the extra effort in that's needed to swim through the weed if it doesn't need to? Yes there are natural food sources in weed such as snails etc (which should also determine what bait you use) but I suspect they would rather swim in less confined spaces and the trick is to find these highways and intercept the carp. If you do manage to find those highways (routes) then the rig choice does not need to be complicated. A simple KD rig for instance with a critically balanced bait will do the trick, but most importantly is using a safe rig in heavy weed conditions. If you cant find the routes then there are a couple of options. Create your own clear spot with a weed rake or if you have time get the fish to do the work for you by feeding hemp in the same place on a regualr basis. Or fish a zig rig, find the height of the weed and adjust your zig to sit just on top of it, the weed does a handy job of hiding your line and leader If there is a lot of natural food source in there which there will be because of the weed then I would fish a hookbait with a natural food source boilie like bloodworm and my main feed (spod or whatever) would be hemp based. Persist and you shall catch!
  3. m33ta

    Finally :)

    Im not sure I understand? I think Keenook would have preferred you to keep the fish out of water a lot longer so that you could wash off the wood bits with a bucket of water and then wipe some of the protective slime off with your hands too at the same time just for a good picture: OR he could be suggesting that it is better to have your kit sorted out and get the carp back in the water quickly than it is to take time over a catch picture. It is a fine looking Carp well done, especially after such a run of blank trips. Point taken, admittedly I should have taken more care, after such a long time from catching I may have become complacent, and also got a little to much adrenalin at the time
  4. m33ta

    Finally :)

    Im not sure I understand? *I think I see where you are going. After two failed attempts at taking the photo due to a lively fish AND washing him down inbetween I decided it was better to to take the photo and put him back straight away, even, if there is a couple of bits of woodchip on him.
  5. It dawned on me the last 24hr session that it took two trips from the car to the swim to lug all my stuff. I dont really want to fork out on a carp barrow as I need new rods so my question is how much kit/bags do you guys take with you on an overnighter and can you carry it in one go?
  6. m33ta

    Finally :)

    Yeh, managed to land him quickly so he was still a bit lively on the mat hence the dirt on him
  7. m33ta

    Finally :)

    thanks mrdevon, now if you can photoshop a smile on my face we are geting somewhere. Why do all my photos make me look like a serial killer on his day off
  8. m33ta

    Finally :)

    camera phone for the win
  9. m33ta

    Finally :)

    After quite a few blanks so far this year and loosing 3 leads on this session everything all of a sudden is good again at bang on 15lb
  10. Do you have a photo? How many fish in your pond and whats the quality of water like? Sounds like ulcers to me, or worse and likely to effect all fish in the pond ammonia burns, usually symptoms of overcrowding or bad water quality.
  11. m33ta


    Hey Danny, Looks like you had fun! Also looks like a ghost to me, the black colouring around the head is the usual identifier but I could be wrong.
  12. Over here you can get liquid egg, comes in what looks like plastic milk bottles etc. Probably likely to get it from catering suppliers.
  13. Ah Mr Hayes, was watching his tactical carp fishing DVD last night, well worth it! Just need 14 pints of maggots now though
  14. If he is the daddy I want back payed child maintanance for all those years he aint been around For me its Matt Hayes and Mick Brown, seems like they would be a laugh to go fishing with and can teach me thing or two. Mr Hayes has his own company but he doesn't ram it down your throught on every opertunity. Its not to say that Danny isnt a good fisherman I just get the feeling that he has more on his mind than the fish.
  15. Carp on the float is always satisfying
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