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  1. that's it nick shaved into a more rounded shape and just to make them even brighter in appearance
  2. shaved macadiemia nuts. they have such a high oil content, they stay popped up indefinatly and are an awesome under used bait. absolute banker if put in the right spot and fished over hemp as said such a good hookbait ive allways got a few in my bag even tho I have a nut allergy!!
  3. air dry the baits,then oil them up in a bucket! the baits will last a lot longer this way and will take a lot longer to start to turn. you can even store them in a air tight container whilst at work to stop the car stinking!!, as long as they are aired/turned over when on the bank,they should last the week or longer and imo baits oiled up are far better than baits straight from the bag anyways,as long as water temps allow.
  4. very interesting thread this mr devon,i look forwards to hearing your findings. As have spotted some lovely fish in my local river(the ribble) but never managed to free up enough time to target them yet : ( my thoughts wud be to go down the chopped large baits route if using boilies so they dont roll out of your swim just like ellips pellets etc but also dont suffer to many sleepless sessions due to bream etc (balled up in some sort of groundbait/vitalin/damp leam mix to ensure your bait gets down to the deck and dosent get washed to far from your area) love your attention to detail and forward thinking hopefully youll find the answers your looking for and report bk. best fishes
  5. matt i have read most of your posts and most of them arnt worth the effort to read yawn!!(bar the odd constructive one included your last) but if you think attending a social and posting on every given topic and quite often in an obnoxous way gives you kudos over others you are wrong. would love to have attended a social with some of the old lads on here( now long gone),but was working out in france at a fishery all last season(doing it not typing about it lol) and my son was born in nov 2012 so havent had much time for fishing or to contrbute since then but have regularly kept tabs on the forum . But believe!! with the way your posts come across i wouldnt of been happy to fish along side you anyways!! remember no one likes a know it all. dave[/url]
  6. matt you are a know it all. and people like you spoil this forum . This is not the first time i have cringed at your posts/ replies. You seem to think you know it all (but guess what?? you dont pal! ) some of the advice ive seen you offer in the past is shocking and you seem to need to tell everyone how to fish lol good luck with your search for a decent water niall unfortunately i am from lancashire so can not offer any suggestions. best fishes
  7. Havent posted for a while,but couldnt just watch this thread without backing nicks comments(who i have no connection to). i work within the angling trade and allthough ive not had first hand experience with the cow pat myself,i know of many others who have! i have a friend who owns a well known fishery nr essex,a while ago he decided to book mr shelly up for a couple of days for some angling tuition,as hadnt been carping for a few seasons and felt he needed a bit of a refresher course! all booked up,my mate arranged to meet him at farlows, but found that jim offered little tuition and "it seamed my mate had just paid to watch him fish"?? needless to say my mate wasnt too happy and told him where to go. in the following weeks my mates phone was swamped with prank calls threatening messages and so on untill he had enough and changed his number,turns out mr shelly had posted he phone number somewhere online-- This guy is not an angler,he has no respect for others or nature and will do whatever it takes to get his capture/ugly mug in the limelight. yeah the bloke catches a few,but who wouldnt with access to the waters hes on,the amount of time he has availible to fish, and a sponsership deal??? dosent take a genius to work out this guys bad for the sport when the likes of rob hughes,chilly say so,just go read his facebook page if you still not convinced,but iam sure his army of sheep will still hang on his everyword. think its about time mr shelly was removed from the carping rags as hes certainly no role modle for our younger generation! wish you well nick as imagine your in for a similar time to my mate.(just hope he dosent have your phone number)
  8. thanks very much for your kind words of support and advice. setting off at 6pm 2day,so now for a mad dash up to the tackle shop for last few bits.will keep the site informed on the ins and outs of the job and hopefully post a few pics in the coming weeks.wishing you all a great season thanks again dave
  9. wish me luck boys,iam off to crete lakes on friday to take up a paid ballifs position till the end of the season in october . i know there will be a lot of hard work involved,but hopefully it will be the job ive allways dreamed of and in the future open further doors for me within the angling trade! nxt time i post i may well be holding some seriously large french lumps for the camera-watch this space. wishing you all a great season best fishes dave
  10. small baits for commons larger baits for them greedy mirrors
  11. hi all,will be posting mine and my +1s early nxt week, looking forwards to this one, ROLL ON MARCH AND THOSE BIG CROMWELL CARP Thanks again for putting this social together
  12. All depends on the amount of carp/nuisence species/water fowl present in your choosen water and also water temps at time of year when baiting up? Early on in the season(spring) it is often better to just fish for one or two bites at a time rather than inviting the pond to party with kgs at a time and often singles and stringers are a better option when the carp are just waking up from the long winter period?? use what god gave you and fish where the fish are(as they often show themselves at that time of year as they make the most of the early spring sunshine and clean themselves off after lying dormant through winter ) As for putting large amounts of boilies out as prebait into the lake early spring i just would,nt bother,As you mentioned you are new to carp angling this can only be described as blinkered advice and imo wud be amazed to here you have joined a syndi or are fishing a big fish water after less than a year carp angling.I for one couldnt afford to bait a lake with those amounts every week !! my adivce for you is to just keep it simple and improve your skills on somewhere with a desent stocking level. fish for one bite at a time and have fun doing it AS THATS WHAT REALLY COUNTS! without having to take out a 2nd morgage to pay for your bait! tight lines
  13. Would be amazed if it was the hair lenght myself esp if you have been using long hairs! This can happen alot in winter as the carp will generally be moving alot slower when approaching the bait and feeding. Therefore the weight of the lead dosent have the same effect in hooking the fish(unless using stiff rigs or massive leads) and instead just pricks it which the fish can then easily get rid of mid fight with a quick roll or two!!!. as for striking?? just pick the rod up and wind into the fish.(it saddens me to see people striking runs as if theres a shark attached there is really no need and in my opinion this can weaken the hookhold by tearing the fishes mouth !! my advice for landing winter hook ups would be to research the anchor/spook rig believe me its a winter winner
  14. looking to buy 1 of these for marking permant features/areas . have had a good search on the tinternet and can only find the shakespere version.(which measures the line in feet) does anyone use this model or know of any better versions of this product prefferbly one which measures the line in yards or meters.
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