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  1. Moisten the knot and use a tool to pull it tight. I use Korda Pullas but I'm sure there are other tools capable of doing the job out there.
  2. I started off fishing Bob's Lake at Hordle until I realised how full of so-called "Noddy's" it is. People just constantly cross your lines and it's always packed with imbeciles. The lake is absolutely rammed with fish, you'd catch on pretty much anything. Floating crust worked when they're on the surface and halibut pellets worked well when ledgering in my experience. I only went there two or three times though.
  3. I contacted Destiny Baits in the hope to order some Malarky but have had no reply yet. That was two days ago, does anyone know how long it usually takes?
  4. Anyone ever fished Walhampton Lakes near Lymington (I think?). Someone suggested that I try them out when I was fishing a local day ticket the other day but I can't find any information about them anywhere. A google search brings up a thread from another forum but it's dated 2003 so a bit old! Does anyone know where they are or who you need to contact for permission to fish them? I'll have to keep an eye out for the bloke who told me about them and get some more information! I was in the middle of landing a fish last time so was a bit preoccupied.
  5. This place is only half an hour from me, is it day ticket then?
  6. I fished Orchard yesterday and all last night and it was insane! Was fishing using ground bait on method feeders over some 16mm Halibuts and between two of us we caught over 60 fish, no joke! Mostly pups, biggest was only 9lb but caught a few crucian and tench to mix things up a bit. We were the only anglers on the pond at night and there were only a few there in the day. Very peaceful and pleasant day out, thanks for the suggestion, acetazman.
  7. I just googled it actually and came across the very place. They say in the large lake there are no fish under 15lb. I bet you could have a great couple of days on there if you get it right!
  8. I'm curious, does anyone know of anywhere to fish for carp on the Isle of Wight? Wouldn't mind going over there for a weekend if there is!
  9. Thanks for the replys, I might try out Orchard Lakes this weekend then maybe Broadlands the weekend after depending on the weather (which has been rubbish lately!). I did consider looking into joining a club but I don't know if my friends who fish would be up for it. I'll definitely bear it in mind though, maybe something for when I've conquered the day ticket lakes My personal best is 13lb Mirror which I caught on my second outing so hopefully I can beat that this weekend! edited to remove *Censored* word
  10. Hi everyone, I'm very new to carp fishing, I have only been 5 times so far and blanked two of those! I live in the New Forest near Southampton and was wondering if anyone could suggest somewhere for me to try? I've fished Hordle a few times and Longbridge once. I've caught a few carp there but I find Hordle too crowded and I kept getting idiots crossing my line and playing loud music so went to try Longbridge but that was also quite busy and the only swim available was right next to a giant aerator that was on all night, churning up the water (bailiff said it couldn't be turned off...). The only fish we caught were bream! The weather had been quite dodgy over the last couple of days so I'll blame that too for the poor night's fishing too I have done a search on the forum for Southampton fishing but a lot of the posts seem quite old so I was wondering if anyone could give me an up to date idea of where to go? All comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, Matt
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