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  1. well done lads !.........one of the best threads i've ever read on any carp forum
  2. coops which one you talking about mate, the power carp or the PC ultra? i've been on the power carp for 3 years and never had a problem with it or it abrasion resistance
  3. id but them two commons in the same ballpark
  4. i've respooled with the power carp, i've never had a problem with it, and if jackson's saying the ultras exactly the same i dont know how they justify the eight quid difference for dying it a few shades of green, power carp does sink " eventually " so i'm stickin to what i know
  5. i use greys spod and marker rods and paired them up with wychwood exorcist 75's, not very good carp reels but turns out they're crackin spod & marker reels big spools good line lay fast retrieve and the bait runner comes in handy for marker work
  6. ive got to honest ive never had a problem with 12lb power carp ( which breaks at over 17lb according to the TB tests ) and i've just watched a piece on bivvy tv with lee jackson saying its exactly the same as as power carp but with their distressed camo process but i wanted something that sinks quicker than power carp so i might look at something else now
  7. what would you recommend in a 12lb line to load onto a decent set of pits then to fish around 100 120 yard mark?
  8. is anyone using this stuff yet who would care to give me an opinion on it ? does it sink well, is it any good, good points, bad points before i pay out the twenty quid, thanks.
  9. shatterford lakes is everything I hate about carp fishing, been once and it was like billy smarts circus, never ever again.
  10. LMAO...........its not like the bloke is askin advice on 12 bores.
  11. i use fox mainly, and some nash fang petterns so voted nash as there's no fox option
  12. I use both dependent on circumstances but if you can only afford one decent set up i'd have say buy the pod as in some pegs like platforms as mentioned and on some gravel pits you'd need a sledge hammer to get your sticks in the ground where as a decent pod you can level up in any swim .
  13. BC it probably is mate, but one mans excuse is another mans reason, from my point of view i dont mind people using boats if I THINK they have a valid excuse/reason if i dont then they do annoy me because i can cast to every fish i fish for
  14. this just about sums me up , buyin end gear off tebay is probably as much my hobby as fishing.....lol
  15. i dont have a bait boat ( cant justify the out lay first ) but theres a lot of sense in what happy hammer says, theres not a lot of point sitting on a big pit when you know the few resident fish are beyond your casting range, but for me then this is the crux of it, if your on any water where you can cast to the fish then you should, i see blokes usein boats on 2-3 acre pools to put a bait close to an island 40 yards out, for god sake learn your craft, i'd ban them on every water where you dont need to cast 110 yards plus ( if you cant cast that far , practice or fish elsewhere ) but theres a case for them on massive pits and resa's as long as your sensible and dont pee on anyones bonfire and dont put any obstacles between you and your bait
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