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  1. Yes and they are very good value for money,my Mrs is 62 and she's still using hers Unfortunaly not for fishing either, more for craking when chores need doing! Hi Dukeboy good to have you back on board, any new adventures planned? Thanks, glad to be back, i plan to cut my teeth on a local water that was netted and restocked last year with some lovely carp but ultimately i have been back on the search for a new syndicate water within a 2 hour drive. I have been to see a few but keeping an open mind for now. What ever happens you guys will be the first to know. For now i look forward to getting back up to speed with latest tackle and bits and drooling over the catches of all you carp.com boys
  2. Hi, its been a long time since my last post on here and my last time on the bank due to family and work but the pull is to hard to ignore any more! So i have been getting all my gear out and ready and my little girl is just itching to have a go. We have made a few visits to some local ponds with a lovely variety of small fish to start her off but obviously i cant give her a 12' 2.75lb carp rod and my float rods are also to big and i think to start a reel would be a possible nightmare that may spoil some of the fishing magic. If anyone has got any tips, advice and tackle ideas i welcome all replies
  3. have put a few answers up about fishing in spain. just hunt for the threads
  4. That's my favourite fishing book as well, its quality. 2nd Favourite is probably Terry Hearn's "In Pursuit of the Largest". My favourite non angling book is probably Howard Marks' "Mr Nice". One of the funniest books I've read is "The Raymond Delauney Emails" which is full of wind up emails to various people and companies. Got to just love Mr Nice, Howard is a star! Can't wait for the film to come out, sure Rhys Ifans will do him proud
  5. Ok, favourite fishing book is Dave Lane, Obsession with Carp. brilliant and hillarious from start to finish.
  6. Well the title gives it away really trying to do a bit of reserch on this water. All answers gladly recieved
  7. Ok i'll keep it simple. I have recently walking my dog along a local stretch of river and for the last few weeks watched several people havin fun with trout and greyling and i have seen some noce shoals of chubb. The majority doing so on the fly. this is something i know nothing about and until now never fancied it. You can see where its going... I want to try. So i would like a bit of advice on what size or weight or whatever rod would be a suitable starter rod and basically what else do i need to get started. Thanks in advance Andrew
  8. Personally i just take them out the frezer and put them in the suitcase its not exactly a long flight to spain. i have driven for longer to catch carp! Also i find the bait always works well just as the sugars are starting to come out of the boilies.
  9. I went there this year in end of june i think. did 5 nights on the bank and had 790lb of fish, there are a lot of smaller fish in this venue and the owner even admitted he has struggled to drain and net the lake. There are some big cats in there i had several 40's and a 50 that will hammer you on boilies or any other bait you got and they are fun but there is one or two you just can't get with carp tackle. They do rent cat rods and if you want a big cat use beefburger(cooked) and one of the owners catfish rod setup. It does hold some big carp but i never got one over 30lb but ACTION was start to finish and there boilies do work well if you run out of your own. The location is a castaway from a main road as my guest kept moaning about. all in all i really enjoyed my trip but i wanted less of a runs water if i'm honest but hey like i said 790lb in 5 nights!!
  10. Hello people i am looking for any information at all regarding this water. All answers will be appreciated here
  11. Try castaway lake, in ajain, france, has big fish but when i fished there i had almost 800lb of fish in 4 nights, mental fishing
  12. Its pretty deep, full of water with gravel and silt and weed and the odd fish...... A tough water really
  13. Kryston dark, I LOVE IT! and it works well in all scenario's. For me anyway
  14. There is white springs in swansea, although i have found in the summer is simply packed out peg to peg 3 rods real tough going and if i'm honest not a plesent experience. However during the colder weather this place comes into its own, less pressure, its a beautiful lake and its got a good head of 30's in there to play with. Will be there this winter myself for a few sessions
  15. Hi, have just joined the guys syndicate at Linear and was hoping to find anyone on here to have a chat with about the three lakes. Present or past members or anyone with experience of these waters before i head off for my first session. Post or PM me please.
  16. Thats the joys of carp fishing mate!!!
  17. I generally use the korda mesh Boilie or long chuck stick pva stuff, always pulled onto the hooklink with the hook pushed ito the mesh and no where near the knot. However never had a problem of finding pva still on the line etc even when having almost immediate takes. Sounds like cheap PVA to me mate try something new and do some bucket tests on the bank always a good way to be sure
  18. Try castaway lakes, ajain France. Just got back from 4 nights there and had 739lb 10oz of fish (6 hours sleep also) Not bad going on 3 rods
  19. Hi guys have been told that looks like my lake will be shut this weekend due to spawning so gonna try my hand on little horseshoe again. Had some nice little chestnuts last year. Any one been there this year or know how its fishing at all??? Or any ideas of any other lakes within about 100 minles of the severn bridge?
  20. Lemington Lakes, moreton in marsh mate. Definately worth a try mate. Westminster has carp to 25lb+ Beautiful fish just make sure ya got your unhooking mat and check the rules on the web before you go. You will not be dissapointed
  21. Listen to Andrew there and you can't go far wrong! Take a camera though as every fish you catch you will want to capture on film as they are all stunners mate. tight lines and let us know how you get on
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