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  1. AWESOME!!!! The second fish is a real beauty too. Top skills
  2. Beauty mate, did she put up a good fight??
  3. Yes and they are very good value for money,my Mrs is 62 and she's still using hers Unfortunaly not for fishing either, more for craking when chores need doing! Hi Dukeboy good to have you back on board, any new adventures planned? Thanks, glad to be back, i plan to cut my teeth on a local water that was netted and restocked last year with some lovely carp but ultimately i have been back on the search for a new syndicate water within a 2 hour drive. I have been to see a few but keeping an open mind for now. What ever happens you guys will be the first to know. For now i look forward to getting back up to speed with latest tackle and bits and drooling over the catches of all you carp.com boys
  4. Awesome looking fish there mate, top dangling and photo skills don't you just love carp fishing
  5. Hi, its been a long time since my last post on here and my last time on the bank due to family and work but the pull is to hard to ignore any more! So i have been getting all my gear out and ready and my little girl is just itching to have a go. We have made a few visits to some local ponds with a lovely variety of small fish to start her off but obviously i cant give her a 12' 2.75lb carp rod and my float rods are also to big and i think to start a reel would be a possible nightmare that may spoil some of the fishing magic. If anyone has got any tips, advice and tackle ideas i welcome all replies
  6. Great fishing mate, lovely common in the 3rd pic. I look forward to seeing more
  7. What a stonking mirror thats what its all about brilliant result, that will take some beating ay!!
  8. Happy days, fantastic result and welcome to the 40lber club. Fair play a really stunning carp too
  9. Lovely common. sweet result mate
  10. Stunner, top move. I just love the scaleys don't you
  11. dukeboy998

    back on track.

    Great result, lovely looking mirror Loads of hair is better than none
  12. Top result mate and a lovely looking mirror in my eyes
  13. have put a few answers up about fishing in spain. just hunt for the threads
  14. Over what distance does the smartcast work? Have looked at them a few times but always thought they only work to about 50yds out or so. Interesting about the fish though
  15. The free korda dvd's are always good for some new hints and tips
  16. Top result Fenboy Inspiring
  17. Happy days, great result. Whats next??
  18. STONKING carp mate!!! Top result and its only the start of the year
  19. That's my favourite fishing book as well, its quality. 2nd Favourite is probably Terry Hearn's "In Pursuit of the Largest". My favourite non angling book is probably Howard Marks' "Mr Nice". One of the funniest books I've read is "The Raymond Delauney Emails" which is full of wind up emails to various people and companies. Got to just love Mr Nice, Howard is a star! Can't wait for the film to come out, sure Rhys Ifans will do him proud
  20. I have had a few nice fish in febuary over the past few years but have never heard of a magical few days especially in febuary I think like most other times it is what you make of it, the more effort you put in the more you get out and in your landing net! One thing is for sure though...... YOU WON'T CATCH IF YOUR NOT ON THE BANK! so lets get out there and make this feb a magical one
  21. Ok, favourite fishing book is Dave Lane, Obsession with Carp. brilliant and hillarious from start to finish.
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