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  1. hi didnt book it mate ,going to bounty lakes ,25/07/09 instead
  2. hi ,anyone going to france on the 8th august,with room for 1 more person,willing to pay my way and go with the flow.
  3. hi, ive been to lefonte 3 times its a cracking water ,well run and there are some good fish in it ,the best swim ive found is to be the dam wall fishing against the far bank,the food is top notch too the only thing is its a bit pricey hope you have a good time , please let me know how you got on cheers lynden
  4. thanks for the info fellas, how i havent caused a row ,lol.
  5. i want to use a sweetener in my boilie mix, do i use a liquid sweetener? or is betaine powder a sweetener.can that be used . any info ,cheers
  6. hi, ive been told nash whiskey base mix is discontinued,im after an alternative, any body got info on a good base mix to use cheers
  7. hi, anybody been to etang marolles ? whats it like ? im thinking of going and taking 2x15yr olds ,any info thanks . l
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