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  1. Just discovered Mo's Co have closed after reading this thread, where do you get your PVA bags from now? I still have a decent stockpile of them but will need more in a few months time.
  2. I do the same as grangemilky and lift it by the mesh about half way up, there's no strain on the poles at all then. Also eat some boiled eggs as a side order with your plateful of red meat!
  3. Safezone leaders aren't very safe. This thread explains why - http://www.carp.com/carp-forum/viewtopic.php?t=50371
  4. Using bad language? In the vicinity of chick peas? With children present? I've heard it all now!
  5. Whenever i've used pepperami i've never had a bite either. The good thing about it is it stays on the rig for ages, reeling in after 12 hours and it was still on. My advice would be eat the pepperami yourself and use boilies
  6. I know just the bloke who could get a batch of quality hoodies done with that on it! I love that idea. Would you mind if I pinched the slogan?????? What's the view Nige? Are you going to get some knocked up? Just a small point I think carp.com has been spodding the granny out of it since 2003, I've seen a few usernames with that sign up date.
  7. My answer would depend on your hookbaits, I use air dried hardened hookbaits so don't worry too much how soft my frozen boillies are. Before I started using hard hookbaits I used to take them out a couple of days before to dry out and harden up a bit. Now I just take them out the night before I go as I want them to dry out a bit so I can use them with PVA bags, string etc.
  8. That's a respectable PB, a lot of people would kill for a 20lber! (Not literally I hope)
  9. If its boilies you're interested in here's 9 pages of different people's favourite boilies http://www.carp.com/carp-forum/viewtopic.php?t=27795&start=0 Mine is in there somewhere and is still the same today, CC Moore's Meteor has caught me loads of carp.
  10. Both are good baits but I'd pick CC Moore, I've done well using CC Moore Baits, you can also get your hemp etc from them to save on postage costs.
  11. They soon defrost in the lake. If the boilies are prone to splitting when baiting with a throwing stick, you can get them out further and keep them intact if they are still frozen
  12. Korda Krapper is defintely the best suggestion so far
  13. Its go to be worth trying to air dry, thats a sickener losing that much! My bait freezer was accidently turned off by my mother last year, luckily I noticed after a day and quickly switched it back on. If I wasn't fishing that weekend I would have lost the lot.
  14. I have never done that, and never will, I know what they like, so why play? Its always worth a play if there is a possibility you may find something they like more. One of the first lakes I concentrated on I was told that they generally liked mainline baits like fusion, I tried those with another bait and after a while noticed I was catching a lot more on the other bait which was CC Moore's Meteor then switched to them permanently. Another lake I was told Cell and Fusion were doing well so tried those along with a Premier Baits recipe and was doing better on the new bait. So were probably the opposite, I've always done it and I probably always will
  15. Stating the obvious but I would fish cell on one rod and try another bait on another and compare results. The most successful after a few trips would then be my chosen bait. Winter may not be the best time to try this out though.
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