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  1. yer thats rite fishing is more for the fun and the excitement, catching a fish is a bonus like craftycarper said. pb's are not everything doesnt matter wheather its a big fish or a little fish, there all what yoyu set out for.
  2. yer rich dont rush into anything you still have years of fishing to come before you need to catch all the big ones. your still in your 1st year you still should be learning about carp fishing and always improving.
  3. yer rich they are not exactly small fish, if i caught a 15lbs carp in a session it would proply make my day lol. carp are not easy to catch, especially big ones, so the pb's u have are actually very good.
  4. yer craig as nick said your topics and threads are all worth reading and taking a look at, they have all been interesting and full of information keep it up mate.
  5. hi craig what was the lake called were u caught your two fish? must conatin a few very big fish.
  6. 13lbs mirror not my prsonal best but a cracking fish. this fish gave a hell of a fight. took a while to get its head out of the water. kept heading for the island in the middle. this isnt the best picture ive got of the fish but the other ones are all too big lol. ill try and get one on with me holding it properly lol.
  7. well done everyone all big fish ive just been out for the day and caught a 13lbs mirror on spicy shrimp boliles fishes over a method feeder full with brown crumb.
  8. hi all, everyone write the pb's down and also the bait they were caught on if they can remember. thnxn
  9. i would rather use a barbed hook when carp fishing, i think that it stays in the fishes mouth alot better than the barbless hook, i really dont mind using barbless but i preffer barbed or micro barbed hooks. i usually carry an anti-septic cream around that i use on the fish if there is any sign of cuts or marks from the hook, just so that it heels quicker.
  10. hi i have also found that using more simple rigs to catch carp works more often than using complicated rigs. i find that wen i use a complicated rig for carp fishing on most lake the bait that i put out to bait up the swim and draw the fish in gets. packed with the little fish from the lake which mean i have to make a change of bait to a bigger size. so altogether i think that most of the time an easier rig for carp will lead to a better success.
  11. hi rich, try using m and m's in a ground bait and fish over it with 3 m and m's on a hair. it works well iv fished it myself a few times on local lakes. it worked best for me at a place called llyny y gors in wales. also chunks of cheese and strawberry r a good method to catch carp on this time of year. as the strawberry should float.
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